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top ten dangerous dogs

Top 10 Dangerous Dogs in the world

Dog is one of the most wonderful pet and best friends of human being. You will be amazed when you want to play with them. They are clever, sociable, and funny. However, any dog can be dangerous in certain circumstances. Friendly dogs also can

dangerous fish

Top 10 Dangerous fish in the World

There are lots of fish in the world. They have different color, different size as well as behavior. Some of the fishes are so dangerous, but all are not. Here is a list about dangerous fish which are really dangerous fish. They are able to kill not only other specious even human also. Let’s see […]

poisonous snakes, black mamba

Top 10 Most Poisonous Snakes in the World

Snakes are one of the most dangerous species in wild world. All are not poisonous but some of the poisonous snakes are so beautiful to look at. They have the most amazing skin, shiny, glossy striking and alluring Poisonous snakes fear as much as we fear

Top10 deadliest animals in the world

10. Australian Box jelly fish. The Australian Box jelly fish is one of the most poisonous marine animals. They are able to kill a human. This fish is found in Australian northern oceans and throughout the tropical indo-pacific. It has over 60 tentacles. Their tiny needle loaded with toxin. They throw those toxins it’s pray […]