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Birds are the natural wonders of the world that gives a pleasant feeling to individuals. They were created by the divine hands of the creator, and they Increase the natural beauty. They are the contributor of the ecosystem. They spread the seeds of the plants, help the flowers grow and contribute to the growth of vegetation found on earth. Now a days some species of birds are going to ruin or destruction. They hardly seen in the world. That’s why they are called rare birds.  We have to conscious to save the rare birds. Here is a list of top10 rare birds in the world.


10. Marvellous Spatuletail

rare birds, marvellous spatuletail

Marvellous Spatuletail is a humming bird. It has a medium sized and established of 15 centimeter long with blue crest feathers. This is kind of species which could be observed in Rio Utcumbaba. It is normally exceptional and rare bir4d in a sense that it has four feathers at its tail. It is now decreasing in number for the reason of deforestation. It is a matter of sorrow that it is now less than 1000 in large numbers.


09. Great Indian Bustard

rare birds,Great Indian Bustard

This particularly bird is found in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu, Kamataka, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, west Rajasthan, and Lala Parjau. They will be normally seen in desert plains, short grass plains and semi aired regions. It is now decreasing in number due to the continuous hunting and pesticides.


08. Brazilian Merganser

rare birds,Brazilian Merganser

This is usually a bird found in Brazil. It is usually measured between 49-56 centimeters long for sometimes which has a slender duck long crest, dark color, dark gray upper parts and white wing speculum. It is normally found in reduce focal Brazil, respectively in fast flowing rivers, clear waters and in other shallow water.


07. Christmas Island Frigate bird

 rare birds,Christmas Island Frigate bird

These birds which name came from Christmas Island found in the Indian Ocean. It is normally found inhabiting in huge trees. It is measured between 90 to 100 centimeters long. It is like a titanic, folk tailed seabird with white belly, pale bale on high wings and black in color.


06. Palila

rare birds,palila

Palila is a honey creeper creature from Hawaii. They could be defined with its gray back, greenish wings and tail, golden yellow head and breast and a light shaded belly. It is usually 19 centimeter long with rounded fees and enormous finch.


05. Honduran Emerald

rare birds,Honduran Emerald

Honduran Emerald is like a humming bird. It is found in Honduras where its natural inhibitions are stifling shrunken shrub land and tropical dry forests. It is and measured in 9.5 centimeters long colored green with its medium sized.


04. Kakapo

rare birds,Kakapo

Kakapo is one of the rare birds in our rare birds list. This is the strangest and rarest nocturnal and flightless parrots in the world. It is usually weighted up to 3.5 kilograms. It found on the Island country New Zealand that is being inhabited by reptilians and chickens. It cannot fight and it is particularly touchy other rodents. It is better known as an owl parrot with blotched yellow-green plumage, an outsized ash mouth, districts pore cording tangible, short length wings, feet, tail, and vibrissa-like along.


03. Orange-Bellied Parrot

rare birds,Orange Bellied Parrot

Orange-Bellied Parrot is one of the rare birds in the world. This species found in Northern Australia which populates in coastal button grass plains, sedge lands along the creek ling, tea branches. It is usually a small broad-tailed parrot with orange belly patch, brilliant grass green upper parts and yellow under parts. This rare bird gradually decreased for deforestation.


02. Red Crowned Crane

rare birds,redcrowned

Red Crowned Crane is that rare bird which does not only represent the country of Japan, but the whole nation of Asia. People think that it is the symbol of loyalty, resilience and fortune. It has white feathers, with snowy white and black color on the wings and mainly has a red patch of skin on the crown. It is measured 136 centimeters in length and 158 centimeters in height. We have to come forward to save this beautiful rare bird.


01. Asian Crested Ibis

rare birds,Asian Crested Ibis

Asian Crested Ibis is species of rare bird that is found in Asia, particularly in China, Japan and even the far eastern part of Russia. They could be defined with an amazing bushy crest and a red facial skin and feet. It inhibits in immense plants and where they make their nest. They also live near, riverbanks, Paddy fields as well as other reservoirs.


This is my top10 rare birds in the world list. If you got more name suggest me. We can discuss about it.

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