Top10 deadliest animals in the world

10. Australian Box jelly fish.

The Australian Box jelly fish is one of the most poisonous marine animals. They are able to kill a human. This fish is found in Australian northern oceans and throughout the tropical indo-pacific. It has over 60 tentacles. Their tiny needle loaded with toxin. They throw those toxins it’s pray and killed. This is the last deadliest species in our top10 deadliest animals list.

Australian jellyfish

9. Polar Bear.

The Polar Bear is also a dangerous animal. It can kill a person just with one swipe. It is extremely over jealous when there is a threat towards its cubs, they get extremely aggressive. A male polar is over 700 kg and a female almost half of a male. Their sense of smelling is powerful and they can detect it’s pray from almost 2 kilometers. That’s why they deserve the 9th place on the top10 list.


8. Hippopotamus.

Hippos are the most dangerous and huge animals. They are extremely aggressive when human or others try to go close to its babies, particularly female hippo. Generally they live in the river, swamps and lakes. These species cause of 200 deaths every year. Their position is on 8 on the top10 deadliest animal list.


7. Cape Buffalo 

The Cape buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals on land. Even lions can not show dare to face it. It found in Africa and called “Black Death”. They are most aggressive and unpredictable. One African Cape buffalo can weight up to 1800 pounds. Its height is up to 1.8 meters and length up to 3 meters. They kill over 200 people a year. That’s why they on no. 7 on the list of top10 deadliest animal in the world.

cape buffalo

6. Elephants.

Elephants is no 6th deadliest animal in the world many in our top10 list. Elephants are most dangerous and deadliest animals; particularly the African elephants. An angry elephant can destroy an aria. They have the sharpest tusk and mauls. They can kills with maddening rage. Wild elephants are also found in Asia; particularly in India. They can kill thousand of humans. Their deadliest activities placed them number 6 on the top10 list.

elephant attacks

5. Saltwater Crocodile.

Saltwater Crocodile makes it’s no 5 on the top10 list of deadliest animal in the world. It is unbelievable but it is true that a crocodile can eat a shark. The saltwater crocodile is very dangerous and can attack and kill an animal like water buffalo and shark with an unbelievable technique named “death roll”. A male saltwater crocodile can be up to 7 meters of length and 2000 KG of weight. But generally a saltwater crocodile is 4.3 to 5.2 m of length and 400-1000 KG of weight.


4. Leopard. 

Leopard makes it’s no 4 on the top10 list of deadliest animal in the world. They look like tiger. They are dangerous, ferocious and most violent animal. They are able to climb to anywhere that’s why it is quiet impossible to escape from its attack. After killing the pray it drags the body of the pray to the top of the tree and eats there.


3. African lion. 

African lion makes it’s no 3 on the top10 list of deadliest animal in the world. African lion is very deadliest with his huge body, weight of more than 250 kilo. They live in the African forest and have amazing speed, sharp claws and teeth. |They hunt at night, usually the female do the hunting. The males are being too busy to protect their pride.Every year they kill more than 100 peoples in Tanzania. That’s why it took 3rd position on the list of top10 deadliest animals.

african lion

2. Snake.

Snake makes it’s no 2 on the top10 list of deadliest animal in the world. There are many species of snakes in the world. Most species are poisonous and capable to kill human. Most deadly venomous snake in the world is Asian Cobra, length up to 8 feet. For their deadly activities, they make their position 2 position on the top10 deadliest animals list.


1. Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes make it’s no 1 on the top10 list of deadliest animal in the world. It’s not unbelievable; it’s true that every year mosquitoes kill above 2 million people across the world. It spreads the deadly virus of malaria, dengue which causes death by fever. For this reason it makes its highest position on the top10 deadliest animals list.



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