Top10 best lie on Internet

Now these days many more incident and picture are spread out over the internet. But we know this incident in different way. Some of  these photo or incident are true, some are not. You will be shocked by knowing about those incident. Let’s go to know the real fact from those lie incident or photos.


01. Tree and Cycle


This picture is much known in internet with an amazing story. There is a say that this bike’s owner went to a war in 1914. He kept the bike beside this tree. After that, he never came back and nobody shifted the bike from this place, but the tree got its huge size with that bike. But the real fact was totally different. The real incident was that- the bike was under the tree, but that boy didn’t go any war. He shifted himself from this jungle place and didn’t take this bike with him. After a long time Don Puzz discovered this incident. For getting name and fame the media published that kind of lie


02. Bull Fighter


This picture is spread out in whole online and there is a say that, the famous bull fighter Alvaro Munera was tired and set down on floor when the bull fight was running. But the real fact was different. This is not the picture of Alvaro Munera. It was another bull fighter Javier Sanchez Vara’s picture, who expressed an expression that he doesn’t afraid the bull. To increase T R P media has published that kind of lie.


03. A patient and her Tumor


This picture published in internet as a picture of a patient of 1809. There is a say that time a woman named Todd Crawford attacked with a dangerous tumor and she was prescribed by Doctor Ephraim Mc Dowell. Doctor Ephraim Mc Dowell had done the operation. Though the incident was true, but the picture is a lie, because that time had no camera technology.


04. Coca Cola and Santa claws


This picture may express that, Santa claws discovered Coca cola, but not at all the matter is the same. This is a picture of 1803 where the Santa claw was used as a model in Coca cola’s advertisement. So it’s a lie matter.


05. Ring and believe


This picture means human wedding ring has to wear on ring finger of left hand. It is a proverb that the nerve of this finger comes from heart, but the real fact is every finger’s nerves come from heart. So totally it is a lie published.


06. Calendar and believe


This is a picture which published that it is a Mayan Calendar and this calendar described that the world will be ruined in 2013. It is a great lie. But the real fact it is not a Mayan Calendar. It is an Aztec Calendar and anybody doesn’t know when the world will ruin. That’s why it placed a place in our top ten lie incidents list.


07. Rumor about Internet Explorer


In 2011, including BBC CNN and many more news media published a report that who use internet explorer unskilled in general knowledge. But the real fact was that time no institutions had done any survey about this matter. That’s why it is listed in our top ten lie incidents list.


08. Justin bieber


By this picture that was published that Justin Beiver shaved his head. But totally it was a lie. The real fact was it’s a trick of Photoshop.


09. Spider and Soldier


This picture was published to catch the feeling of Marcin Citizens. Here, showed that a big spider biting a Marcin soldier. That’s why the citizens think how difficulties have faced their soldiers in the war. But that was a lie published incident. The real fact it is a trick of Photoshop. And, this reason this incident placed in our top ten lie incidents list.


10. Dead Ass


There is a say that the Google street view car killed the ass on the street. But this incident happened in Botswana and here vehicles running on the left side not at all on the right side. But the dead ass was on the right side. So it was also a lie published.

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