top10 best iPhone apps of 2013

You can find millions of apps from app store of iphone. From these apps, we tried to make a list of the top10 best iPhone apps of 2013. You may not know about some of these apps, but much helpful for you. So let’s see the list.

best iPhone apps, top10 iPhone apps

1. Afterlight

This application is used to photo edit. With Afterlight you can give your image awesome shape, color, etc. But this app is not free. You have to spend $.99.

2. Duolingo

Apple selected this app as the best iPhone apps of 2013. With this awesome application you can learn language and that is totally free. There is an opportunity of listening and reading in Duolingo. At present, you can learn Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian.

3. Pocket Light Meter

This is an awesome app. Pocket Light Meter helps you control your light when you capture a photo. Generally a light meter cost $15 to $200. But this free app will release you from this kind of cost.

4. Temple Run 2

This is an android app for all kinds of android supported phone. This is the most popular game of android phone. I think don’t need to describe about this game.

5. Venmo

Venmo is an online shopping app. You can download it at free of cost. 

6. Over

Do you want to add text on your photos? Ok no problem; you can add text on your photos with this app. It will cost $1.99.

7. ThirdLove

The main problem of online shopping is mismatching dress size. ThirdLove is solving this problem. This app calculates the size according to your picture or image. This app is totally free.

8. Vine

Vine is a video editing app that is owned by Twitter. It’s a sort looping video editor. The maximum length of video is six seconds. With this app you can edit a video and share on social network service. This app is also free.

9. Proust

Proust is a gaming app. Very simple, but you can find lots of fun. The price is free.

10. Mextures

Mextures is another great photo editing app of iPhone. You can find lots of great function to edit your photos. But you have to spend $1.99 to use it

So what are you looking at, go get them and enjoy the smartness of smart phone. If you have choice, let us know. Maybe some will disagree with the list, but I think these are the top10 best iPhone apps of 2013.


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