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A few years earlier to make a complete website, we used only html/css that was so hard and time consuming. To make this easier we got CMS (content management system). There are many CMS are found in www world. These content management systems are too popular to the website developer and publisher for their awesome interface, usability and easy control system. For these kinds of opportunities make a publisher able to create a website without any knowledge of script language or any kind of program language. This is the main facilities of CMS. I will introduce you top10 best CMS (content management system) in the world in this article with my little knowledge.

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10. Concrete Five

This content management system is only made for marketing. This is a strong CMS and open source content management system. Who wants to make a site to marketing can use this CMS.


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9. Expression engine

Many CMS can be found in the internet. But if you want to make a large site you can depend only on expression engine. It has multilayered security system. You can use it as framework also. Sony, BBC, Nokia and Apple are using this CMS to make their site


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8. Typolight

Typolight is an Ajax and Web 2.0 technology based content management system. The advantage of this CMS is live update and multilanguage support. Who has multiple blog they can use this CMS.


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7. Modx

Modx is an open source PHP application framework; with which you can decorate your site as you want. It has a strong community that’s why you can find beautiful template on the internet. There is word about modx that, zero restriction and fast to build, means you can build your site 100% with your choice.


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 6. Frog CMS

This content management system has a great name for simplifying CMS. With well decorated and clean user interface, flexible templating advantage for every page, simple user management and permission this best CMS is an awesome program for website development.


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5. Cushy CMS

This is a simple content management system. By this CMS you can create a site without any cost with unlimited change, unlimited user and unlimited page.


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 4. Silver stripe

Open source and flexible CMS. You can find almost every tool to complete a web project


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3. Drupal

At present in the web development arenas most famous name is Drupal. It is based on PHP. It’s also called by Drupalcore. From 2006 to 2009 Drupal got 1st CMS award and 2010 took 2nd place. Now this is third famous Content management system.


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2. Joomla

In the scale of popularity Joomla is the 2nd popular content management system. It is totally open source software based on PHP and MySQL. You can easily make a website with this powerful application. It started in 2005 with some MAMBO feature and trademarked by a none profitable company named MIRO INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LTD. At Joomlas first release it is downloaded 2.5 million times.


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1. WordPress

If you consider web standard, usability, decoration and popularity WordPress is the No 1. content management system in the world. It is also based on PHP and MySQL. At first wordpress was a free blogging platform and then it makes an engine to let any blogger make their blog by free download. By this CMS you can build a blog without any knowledge of PHP, MySQL and database. Matt Manuel first published it in 27th May 2003. 3.8 is the last version of wordpress.


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