Top Music in 2013 (Top 10)

There are so many different kind of album is released in 2013. It is easily can describe, all time old famous singers have been getting priority for their new album. But this year some debut albums are seen into top chart. It is very difficult to select top music from  huge number of songs when different people’s taste differs from differently. Considering    from the different kind of website’s ranking , numerous downloading measurement ,social media site’s like marking , top music among them are given





10) “Royals,” Lorde :  New Zealand’s singer Lorde  has recorded this song for her extended play debut .It was  also 2nd time released  on 20 October  2013 .


Released: 19 March 2013

Format: Digital download

Recorded: Golden Age, Auckland, NZ

Genre: Art pop, minimal pop

Length:   3:10

Label: Republic

Writers: Ella Yelich O’Connor.Joel Lettle

Producer: Joel Little



9)”Cups,” Anna Kendrick: The singer of this song is Anna Kendrick and it is popularized from the film “Pitch perfect”.  “When I’m gone “was a main song which was actually written by A.P Carter.




Released: 5 February 2013

Recorded: 2012

Genre: Folk-pop , a cappella

Length:   1:17 (album version)

2:07 (single version)

3:07 (video version)

Label: Rebublic, UMe

Writers: Ella A.P.Carter, Luisa Gerstein



8)Chvrches-“The Mother we share”:  It is a song of a Scottish debut single band, Chvrches.It is re-released via Virgin and Good bye records  on 16 September 2013 in United Kingdom .




Released: 5 November 2012

Recorded: 2012

Genre: Electronic, synthpop

Length: 3:09

Label: National Anthem, Virgin/Goodbye

Producer: Chvrches



7) Arcade fire-“AfterLife” :  It’s a Canadian song actually made by Arcade Fire .The music video was released on 21, 2013 and it is all about a Mexican family’s dreaming regard their missing mother .




Released: September 28.2013

Recorded: Sonovox Studios

Genre: Indie rock,dance-rock,alternative dance

Length: 5:52

Label: Merge

Producer: James Murphy , Markus Dravs, Arcade Fire



6) Justin Timberlake-“Mirrors” : It is third studio album of Justin Timberlake .It is written by getting inspiration from  his wife  Jessica Biel and his grandparents .




Released: February 11, 2013

Recorded: Larrabee Studios

Genre: Pop.R&B

Length: 8:05 (album version)

4:37 (radio edit)

Label: RCA

Producer: TIMBALAND.Justin Timberlake , Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon



5) Roar –katy perry : It is a song of American recording artist Katty perry  and it is his fourth studio album. Dr luke, Max Martin,and Cirkut are writer and  producer of this song .This song is top music in different country including Australia ,Canada, Ireland , Scotland,New Zealand and the United Kingdom .




Released: August 10, 2013

Recorded: March 2013

Genre: Power pop

Length: 3:42

Label: Capitol

Producer: Dr. Luke. Max Martin



4) Kanye West-“New Slaves” featuring Frank Ocean: It is a hip hop song of Kanye west . It is his sixth studio album Yeezus .




Released: May 18, 2013

Recorded: 2012

Genre: Industrial hip hop

Length: 4:16

Label: Roc-A-Fella.Def Jam

Producer: Kanye West. Ben Bronfman, Mike Dean, Travis Scott, Noah Goldstein , Sham Joseph ,Che pope




3) The monster-Eminem: One of the  top music of 2013 of Eminem and Rihanna .Actually it is eight studio album of Eminem , which was written by Marshall Mathers , Jon Bellion and Bebe  Rexha .By this song Rihanna  has affiliated  with Eminem at fourth time .




Released: October 29, 2013

Genre: Hip hop

Length: 4:10

Label: Aftermath, Interscope ,Shady

Producer: Frequence , Aalias (co-prod.)



2) Wrecking Ball –Miley Cyrus: It is Miley cyrus’s   fourth  music album which is written by MoZella , Stephan Moccio , Sacha Skarbek ,Lukasz Gottwald,Henry Russell Walter.




Released: August 25 ,2013

Genre: pop

Length: 3:41

Label: RCA

Producer: Dr. Luke




1)Pitbull-Timber ft. KeSha: This sing is a affiliation of KESHA and Pitbull . It has peaked number one in approximately 10 countries and has stood number one till 8 weeks . This song is written by Kesha Sebert , Armando C.Perez , Lukasz Gottwald , Priscilla Hamilton, Jamie Sanderson ,Henry Walter etc.




Released: October 7,2013

Genre: Dance-pop

Length: 3:24

Label: Polo Grounds , RCA , Mr. 305

Producer: Dr. Luke


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