top Hollywood actresses (top10)

Hollywood is full of talented, glamorous and sexy women. They used to become popular because of their excellent performance, gorgeous figure, perfect skin as well as expressive eyes. There are lots of actresses in Hollywood. But the following are top Hollywood actress in 20013 who proved themselves by time and made their place in top 10 Hollywood actresses list.

10. Jessica Alba

 top Hollywood actresses, jessica alba

Jessica Alba is thirty years old. This gorgeous lady holds 10th place in our top Hollywood actresses list according to her talent and beauty. Jessica Alba started her screen career with TV series. She earned huge prosperity in the TV series “Dark Angels” and it provided her the platform to become a film actress and after that, she just shined. Finally she made a mark in Hollywood with films like Sin City, Dark Angels and Fantastic Four. She has earned lots of name and fame as well as several awards such as Nickelodeon kids Choice Award, Young Hollywood Awards, ALMA Award and many more.

09. Jennifer Aniston

 top Hollywood actresses, jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston came from a family with Hollywood background and so acting skills are in her genes. She was born in California on February 11, 1969. She becomes used to the golden world in her morning life. She began her career with television, but soon the big screen marked her. She becomes famous as Rachel Karen Green for her performance in television series Friends. She has performed in many blockbuster films including Bruce-Almighty, Derailed Rumor has it and The Break Up. That’s why she placed in Number nine in the top ten Hollywood actresses list.

08. Emma Stone

 top Hollywood actresses, emma stone

Emma Stone was born on 6th November in 1988, in Scotland, Arizona. She is known also as Emily Stone and Riley Stone as well. She started her acting career and touched the high sky of Hollywood at a very early age. As a child actress she joined the Valley Youth Theater in Arizona. She acted on several TV series and films such as Crazy Stupid Love, Zombie land, Easy a, The Help and Spiderman. She won 15 Awards from nominated 40 Awards. That’s why she placed number 8 in our top Hollywood actresses list.

07. Cameron Diaz

 top Hollywood actresses, cameron diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous super model and actress in the world. She was born on 30th August 1972 in California. As an actress Cameron proved herself in the film ‘The Mask’. She has performed lots of famous films such as Charles Angels, What Happens in Vegas, My Best Friends Wedding, There’s Something Marry and What’s More. She won lots of awards. Due to her fame and talents she placed number 7 in our top Hollywood actresses list.

06. Mila Kunis

top Hollywood actresses, mila kunis

Mila Kunis is one of the most popular and beautiful actress in Hollywood. She was born in Ukraine. At the age of 7, she shifted to Los Angeles with her parents. She started her career at very early age. She was famous for her portrayal in the TV show 70s show then the big screen discovered her and she showed her talents in various popular films including Black Swan, Friends with Benefits. Due to her acting, super look, skill she placed on the number of 6 in our top Hollywood actress list.

05. Julia Roberts

 top Hollywood actresses, julia roberts

Julia Roberts won the 5th place in the top Hollywood actress list. She was born on 28th October, 1967 in Atlanta. She gained popularity and success as an actress from 1990 film ‘Pretty woman’. She was also made her place in the list of top 50 most beautiful personalities in whole universe. She is a most popular and talented actress who knows how to perform and choose her characters very well. Julia got academy award for her movie “Her Portrayal” in 2001 and several other awards. She also joined in charity work with UNICEF. That’s why she is placed number 5 in the top Hollywood actresses list.

04. Charlize Theron

top Hollywood actresses, charlize theron

Charlize Theron is one of the most talented and beautiful woman in Hollywood. Charlize was born on 7th August 1975 in Africa. She got American citizenship in late 2007. This woman is known for her superior acting skills. She was highlighted as the very first South African who achieved an Oscar award for her movie “Monster” and won several other awards like Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Gild Award. This lady also performed many more films including Mighty Joe, Young, The Italian Job and The devil’s advocate. She made the 4th position in the top Hollywood actresses list by her capability.

03. Angelina Jolie

 top Hollywood actresses, angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie is the name of a star that shines in the sky of Hollywood. She is the most popular Hollywood actress in 2012. Jolie was born on June 4th, 1975 in California and her birth name is Angelina Jolie Voight. She has nice eyes and juicy lips which made a sexy appeal to the viewers. Angelina earned Academy award for best supporting actress for the acting in the Drama Girl Interrupted. Her name and fame spread out all over the world for this Academy award. She also won 3 Golden Globe awards for Girl Interrupted, Gia and George Wallace. This sexy actress also performed several nude scenes in her golden career. She had performed completely naked for eight times and they are as follows Original Sin, Mojove Moon, Foxfire, Cyborg, Cyborg-2, Taking Lives, Pushing Tin and Gia. Due to her talents, acting, skills and screen knowledge Jolie is the number 3 placed actress in the Hollywood top actresses list.

02. Marion Cotillard

top Hollywood actresses, marion corrilard

Marion Cotillard is belongs to France. This actress was born on 30 September, 1975. She is known as one of the hottest and most intelligent Hollywood actress in 2013. This French actress performed many movies including Inception, Public Enemies, Midnight in Paris and The Dark Knight Rises. She received an Oscar award for the enigmatic film “La Vie en Rose”. This award made as the first actress to win an Oscar award for a French movie. Due to her beauty and acting skills she proved herself and made her placed number 2 in the top Hollywood actresses list.

01. Jennifer Lawrence

top Hollywood actresses, jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is an actress who has a gorgeous face and captivating smile. She began her acting career with few TV show. After that, the big screen discovered her and she got characters in films like “The Poken House”, and “The Burning Plain”. She also performed the role of a mutant in the movie X-Men First Class. Her significant movie is “winter’s Bone”. This movie brought lots of fame for her and made her an iconic actress in Hollywood. She was nominee for Academy award and Golden Globe award also. Last year she got Oscar for the best actress for the movie “SILVER LINING PLAYBOOKS”.For this reason she is the best actress in our top Hollywood actresses list.

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