Top 10 weight loss tips

Overweight or obesity is a burden for personal as well as social life as it deals with some diseases condition i.e. diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease which put a risk to life. Weight loss is recognized with some changes in lifestyle and adjusting the calorie need with expenditure more calorie through regular workout process. Healthy lifestyle leads to effective weight loss safely and avoid putting more weight in body. The following tips illustrate the tangible ways of weight loss to get desired healthy pattern of life in referred with scientific evidence.

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Top ten weight loss tips

  • Eat regularly without skipping any meal: Eating regular meals will increas calorie burning capacity of body with proper digestibility.  Some misconception arise with skipping of meal with the intention that it may cause weight loss but it’s harmful as we miss a large portion of nutrients at every skip of meal as well as increase the craving for high fat and sugar containing junk food. Get breakfast properly, take lunch medium and eat minimum at dinner.
  • Balance food in majority with fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich source of vitamins and minerals, apart that low in calorie and fat but rich in fiber which is essential for effective weight loss. It is very much effective to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables in a day for healthy life.
  • Adapt with regular work out process: keeping ourselves active is key to weight loss as physical activities burn more calories with numerous health benefits. Some adjustment in lifestyle like skip vehicle rather walk for a  short distance, using of stairs and minimum 30 minutes walking or light exercise results weight loss and keep health fit.
  • Drink more water as vitality for body metabolism: water acts an initiator for all the chemical reaction occurring in the body. Water consumption before meals reduces the chances of extra calorie intake and facilitates the digestive process. Daily consumption of 6-8 glasses (1.5 liters) of water keeps the body metabolically active with loss of extra weight.
  • Learn what we eat: before consuming of any processed food, it is advisable to read the food label mentioned in the pack for the calorie, fat, salt and sugar content of foods so that we have a clear idea about what we eat. Avoiding processed food rich in fat and sugar evidenced as the marked way of weight loss.
  • Cut your meal into smaller with more frequency: starving for a long time enhances the desire for eating more which put a burden to stomach for digesting this excess and can fall into weight gain. Rather it is wise to cut the food into smaller unit so that food can be easily digested and metabolic activity causes assertive weight loss. Eat slowly with proper chewing and avoid watching television while eating as the amount of food to be eaten can’t be measured in that way.
  • Don’t ban and avoid stocking junk food: In weight loss plan, don’t ban any food that you like. It increases the craving for that specific food especially at starving time. Junk foods put a risk of weight gain, so avoid keeping stock of it, rather stock healthy food like fruits, unsalted cake which are rich in fiber and simplify weight loss.
  • Diet dominance with high fibers: High fibers have its health benefits with reducing cholesterol and colon cancer in body as well as results weight loss for its low calorie containing property. Fiber is only found in food from plants, such as fruit and veg, oats, wholegrain bread, brown rice and pasta, beans, peas and lentils. Greater amount of fibers obviously reduce the amount of fat and sugar in diet and heightens weight loss.
  • Avoid consumption of Alcohol: Alcohol dense in calorie so that excessive consumption of it keep the body at a risk of weight gain. For successful weight loss planning, strictly elude alcohol consumption rather choose a basket a fruit juice or crusher rich in vitamins and minerals with low calorie content.
  • Good sleeping and work ratio: minimum 6-7 hours of sleeping regularly keep the body fit with metabolic activity and amplifies weight loss. Awake at late night with taking dinner at that time is a high risk of weight gain. So, it is advisable to take dinner early before 2 hours of sleeping, sleep early at night and wake up at early morning is very fruitful approach of weight loss.

Weight loss should be a part of healthy life with customization of some personal habits and eating pattern and it should be a regular process for being a resource in personal and professional life. A good health always signifies a better work productivity and ensures a better outcome at every sphere of life.


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