Top 10 way To retain your relationship

Recently it is being seen that relationship is made so easily but brake up more than rapidly rather than making a strong foundation. Sometime we didn’t care about miniature occurrence and inadvertently this small thing becomes more offensive, and for this reason we lost our polished relationship in unexpected way. Actually disputation or argument is not an only symptom for breaking up. There are some other reasons behind it. Some tips are given below—

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1) Don’t try to change your partner’s behavior: This relation was made because you liked her /his appearance. So don’t try to force her/him to change it. Don’t compare his/her behavior with other, it is really abusive. It can be happened that he will try himself/herself for changing as per your sentiment but you ever think that how way your intention will be taken.

2) Don’t show negligence on your partner’s thought: Try to share your most of the emotion with your partner and listen him/her be all eyes. Then you can find out about her complaint, affinity, mentality, perspective, and expectation. It can make your relationship so strong.

3) Try to maintain caution about 3rd person:  In the maximum cases  3rd person is accountable for breaking a relationship. That’s why, as far as possible you have to keep secrecy about your personal matter. On the other hand don’t call other person for reconciling your matter, it should be reconciled individually.

4)Try to be careful about family affair: All-time it should keep on your mind that both families are important for you.  Always be careful as if your partner doesn’t negligence his/her parents because of your business.

5) Long-term disputation should not be happened: It is normal that Disputation must be happened but you have to take it in consideration that as if it can’t be occurred at long duration. It is true that short-durable disputation can make a relation so strong, but long durable distance (stop talking) brings it toward the break up.

6) Allow him/her to spend time with him/her friends: It is normal that your partner spend his/her time with you. But do not isolate him/her from the world. You should let him/her communicate with his/her friends at least a day of the week. You can also communicate with your friend. It will be annoying if you always adhere with your partner.

7) Don’t show to much additional effect unto friend of opposite sex: It won’t be favorable for you if you will show too much response unto opposite sex’s friend. Don’t take other person’s guilty out of your partner.  You should compare everyone as a friend through mentality rather than sex.

8) Don’t disdain your partner through the past relationship: Everybody has a past life. It may be true that you are not 1st love of your partners but it makes no sense to dispute for this matter.  On the other hand don’t try to compare him/her with your 1st love. It just will be madness and you will lose your trust to him/her.

9) Learn to be a discreet person: Don’t do anything caricature. Try to make understand each-other.  Give him more priority from even yourself. Don’t try to be disputation for his/her business. Try to manage it by your discretion.

10) Don’t use your partner’s personal things without consent: Don’t use your partner’s private diary, mail, SMS and other things without his/her permission. It is not a polished behavior. Everybody has his/her personal world.   You should help his/her to keep this secrecy.


Now a day it is so tough to retain a relationship. One of the very important matters for retaining a relationship is consideration. Your relation will depend on the base of “how considerable you are.”

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