Top 10 Symptoms of Gastric Acidity

We eat so that we can live. But it would be excruciating for us when gastric acidity arise with different superfluous factors and exhibits with numerous symptoms including mal-digestion, gastric disorder and severe physical anomalies. Gastric acidity is very common to people and about one-third of people suffer from the gastric disorders especially gastric acidity daily in the world. Sometimes acidity is easily identified with some common symptoms rather severe condition of this gastric acidity is needed to be diagnosed. Here you make a look with the common gastric acidity symptoms that we needed to look for taking precautionary measure to reduce it.

gastric acidity

01. Heart burn: Heartburn, in other word, acid indigestion is the most common symptoms of gastric acidity. This painful burning sensation is caused by gastric acidity is risen from the stomach to the lower part of chest, especially mid abdomen and throat. Gastric acidity often indicates the actual injury to the esophagus. Gastric acidity increases when lie down or bent over.

02. Regurgitation: sometimes regurgitation occurs due to acidity with a feeling of acid, sour liquid or bile backing up into the throat. It is not very common symptom of gastric acidity as some people vomit whereas infant and young children have GED or GERD with frequent regurgitation due to gastric acidity. This condition caused by  acidity is harmless perfectly for infants under 18 month old.

03. Dyspepsia: Dyspepsia is a burning sensation due to gastric acidity occur at the upper middle part of the stomach. Symptoms of  acidity comes with feeling bloated, uncomfortable fullness, vomiting or burping. In this situation the sign of  acidity should take into serious as its severity causes ulcer and latterly stomach cancer.

04. Difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia): the presence of gastric acidity causing dysphagia where 7-10 percent of adult person over 50 years suffer with it. The condition of this gastric acidity in which swallowing is difficult or painful. There are many causes for dysphagia but gastric acidity is the most prominent.

05. Sore throat: Sore throat, hoarse voice or the sensation of lump is the conjoint symptoms of gastric acidity. This condition of  acidity is very common near about 50 percent of people suffer with it.

06. Dry cough:Dry cough is the another symptom of gastric acidity where some children and most children under 12 years of old suffer with it instead of having heart burn. Adult have the sensation of lump in throat due to acidity and repeated cough to clear throat.

07. Asthma: wheezing is a symptom of asthma caused by gastric acidity most common to the children under 12 years of age. This symptoms of gastric acidity also experienced by some adult with GERD.

08. Nausea: It is a very common symptom of gastric acidity when other reason can’t be diagnosed. When nausea arises right after meal it is more with the occurrence of gastric acidity. People frequently suffer with this problem of  acidity and merely some of them looking forwards to be identified.

09. Extra saliva: the common symptom of gastric acidity is the producing of saliva suddenly at the mouth as the stimulation of nerve reflux to wash out irritant of the esophagus due to burping of  acidity.

10. Post meal pain: A common phenomena arises of gastric acidity after a meal, especially a big meal when stomach is overloaded and content tends to up due to gastric acidity.

Gastric acidity is a primary symptom of gastric disorder which is taken into consideration as the prolonged sustenance leads to ulcer or stomach cancer. Now a day people take different remedial measure to reduce acidity. A regular meal along with perfect diet through avoiding junk food can keep control of gastric acidity.

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