Top 10 Rules to Save Kidney

Kidney is the most important part in our body. It is also needy element of our body like others. If any effect is noticed in kidney many problem can be seen in our body. So to save kidney we can follow many rules. Here is a list of ten reasons which can be followed to save kidney.



Limit the workload on the kidney: you can action this by making certain changes in the diet to lower harmful toxins. This ensures that the kidney materials the harmful waste ingredients from the blood as well as expels it out from the body through urination. In the course of your day, the entire blood in the body gets strained more than 20-25 times. For this reason, it’s crucial that you decrease the amount of work on the kidney.



Drink plenty of fluids: To save your kidney you have to drink proper safe water (min.8 glass per day). Drinking too much water when it’s not needed also puts extra stress on kidneys and can lead to renal damage.



Eat cleansing foods: Fruits and vegetables help the kidneys remove excess acid from the body and excrete it in urine. Foods menu is an affordable addition to the kidney diet and an excellent choice for detoxifying the kidneys as they help to flash out excess uric acid from the system.



Cut the excess sodium, salt and protein: sodium is essential in maintaining fluid balance, but if it is consumed in excess and then not properly filtered out in some one with a kidney disease, it can cause high blood pressure and may occur to heart attack and stroke as well. If it has to handle excess protein-kidney malfunction may also occur.



To prevent kidneys you have to take daily meal in a needy level not over or below.



Magnesium Intake- due to high blood pressure and toxic overload when magnesium is deficient, kidney malfunction may occur. Taking enough magnesium you keep your kidneys functioning well.



If you want, both of kidney of yours keep very well you have to avoid any kind of hard drinks.



Somehow if you need to take any painkiller you have to take it in a proper way by doctor advice. Otherwise, you have to avoid painkiller because painkiller is harmful for kidneys.



If you want to save your kidney then, you have to aware about your daily food menu. Don’t eat over any kind of meat.



Calcium mineral supplements: the kidney performs a crucial role in calcium supplement supply in the body. It is essential to have an organic diet that is full of calcium and to steer clear of supplements under informed to do so by a competent physician.


Following these rules we may protect us from many kinds of diseases or malfunctions of kidney. So for having a healthy life we will follow these rules. We hope that this list can be success when the reader will follow it.

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