Top 10 most expensive photographs

Photography is an art. To some people it’s a hobby and to some it’s passion. Passion or hobby if you can click a photo with the right setting and if it’s eye catchy as well as meaningful you can make a lot of money from selling your masterpieces! Today we are going to discuss the top 10 most expensive photographs.

10. Untitled # 153 by Cindy Sherman (1985) $2.7 Million:

most expensive photographs, Untitled # 153

In our list here is a photograph that is one of the most expensive photographs in the world. The name of this photo is Untitled # 153! The # is used for technical restriction. It was clicked by American photographer Cindy Sherman in 1985 and the photograph was auctioned in 2010 at $2.7 million! It was the most expensive photograph at that time. For more info


9. The pond-Moonlight (1904) $2.9 million:

most expensive photographs, The pond-Moonlight (1904)

At the no. 9 position here is an expensive photograph that worth $2.9M!! This photograph is called The Pond-Moonlight and it was captured by Edward Steichen. This expensive photograph has only three versions and two of them are in museum. This is an old photograph that’s why it was manually clicked by light sensitivity gums given the final print more than one color! For more info


8. Los Angeles (1998) $2.9 Million:

most expensive photographs, Los Angeles (1998) ,

This expensive photograph is called Los Angeles taken by Andreas Gursky. This photograph looks like it’s a plane landing on a runway full of lights. The photograph worth $2.9 million! This photograph is a large panorama picture.


7. 6A 99cent II, Diptychon (1999) $3.3 Million:

most expensive photographs, 6A 99cent II, Diptychon (1999)

This expensive photography is in our list at no. seven. This is a two part photography also clicked by Andreas Gursky. This expensive photograph represents a supermarket but Andreas edited the people, hanging wires and all the unnecessary things. This photograph was bought by Ukrainian business man Viktor Pinchuk in 2007. For more about this photograph click here

6. Untitled (cowboy) (2001) $3.4 Million:

most expensive photographs, Untitled (cowboy)

The name of this photograph is actually untitled where we can see a cowboy caught in action, swinging his rope to catch another horse. This photograph was taken by Richard Prince. This photograph contains a fantastic background where in clear blue sky the white clouds are playing and in the main subject a cowboy is swinging his rope! This expensive photo worth’s $3.4 million. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking may be you can earn money by selling photographs!

Top 10 most expensive photographs


5. Dead Troops Talk (1992) $3.7 Million:

most expensive photographs, Dead Troops Talk (1992)

At no. five in our list of most expensive photograph is the photograph Dead troops talk. This photograph is about some soviet soldiers seem like they are joking with each others and laughing during the Afghan-Soviet war. Though this picture is graphic but it was sold at a massive $3.7 million. There are some controversy regarding this picture that it was digitally manipulated for more details


4. For Her Majesty (1973) $3.8 Million:

For Her Majesty (1973), most expensive photographs

This is a photograph called For Her Majesty. This is also a very expensive photograph. This photograph has a price tag of $3.8 million. This photograph was taken by Gilbert & George. It’s not a single photo but it’s a combination of some pictures. It was auctioned in June 30, 2008 but the winner was anonymous.


3. Untitled #96 (1981) $3.9:

most expensive photographs, Untitled #96 (1981)

In our list this expensive photograph is at no. three. This expensive photo is really very interesting because it’s a portrait of Cindy Sherman Herself was also clicked by Cindy Sherman! In this photo Cindy Sherman looking away makes it very mysterious. This photograph sold for a humongous $3.9 million! For more info click here


2. Rhein II (1999) $4.3 Million:

most expensive photographs, Rhein II (1999)

This is the second most expensive photograph in our list. Rhein II was also clicked by Andreas Gursky. It was captured near from the photographer residence. Though it looks like an ordinary landscape photo but it was sold for a stunning amount of $4.3 million, the owner remains unknown. For more info about this expensive photograph go here


1. Phantom/Canyon (2013) $6.5 Million:

most expensive photographs, Phantom/Canyon (2013)

Well the wait is over, here is the worlds most expensive photograph named Phantom. This photo sets the world record for most expensive photograph with a price tag of $6.5 million. It was clicked by Australian Landscape photographer Peter Lik. This photograph has beaten the previous highest paid photograph Rhein II. For more about this picture click here

So this was the exciting list of most expensive photographs. There are some photograph that we couldn’t include in this list so we’re just mentioning them here. Billy the kid $2.4M, Nude $1.6M, Alfred Steglitz Georgia O’keefe Hands $1.47M & Dovima and the Elephants $1.15 million. Hope you liked this stay with us more top ten lists are coming.

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