Top 10 High Budget Flop Movies

A movie is a matter of entertainment as people go to watch it at their leisure time with friends and family and the movie got hit when people enjoy it and move frequent time for it. From the profitable point, not all movie make rake in millions. Flop movies are stated as failure when the total making cost surpass the revenue that the movie make. If a movie fails to cover all its cost, it’s labeled as flop movie. Fact is that movie costs high budget but painful loss results when it reputes as flop movies. For a movie to attract a big audience, budget allocation is high at different segment, but when people discourage to watch it, the assortment of flop movies is significant at every sector with the loss of desired revenue. Here we outline some high budget flop movies which are in terms of inflation that the loss in returns.


Top ten high budget flop movie  

top 10, flop movie, stealth


10. Stealth 2005 (Estimated loss $112 million): the film was illuminated with the story of 3 pilots who were struggling to contain an artificial intelligence program. In spite of this platform, it failed by way of flop movie with critics’ statement as the film was not so real and interesting. The movie was highly glorified with huge budget of $170.8 million but engendered only $77 million in return. This translated to net loss of $112 million in lieu of impressive casts i.e. Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel.

flop movie, top 10, heavens gate


9. Heaven’s gate 1980 (estimated loss $114 million): This movie got an excellent platform based on illusory argument between European immigrant, Wyoming and land Barons in 1980. But stared as flop movie because the film only made only $3.5 million revenue with the net loss of $114 million in $44 million budget.

flop movie, top 10, speed racer


8. Speed Racer 2008 (estimated loss $115 million): it is an American action film mimic on Japanese anime and manga series, speed racer. Though the film was made by brilliant producers and with impressive casts but misery was laid as flop movie with net loss of $106 million for its unexpected storyline. Therefore film counted as flop movie when $94 million revenue is a huge drop as the budget was $200 million.

flop movie, top 10, town and country


7. Town and country 2001 (Estimated loss $124 million): This movie was made in 2001 based on romantic comedy with a famous casting of Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, Warren Beatty and Garry Shandling. On evaluating the film, assessed as flop movie for its only $10.4 million generated revenue against the making cost of $105 million. The movie made a net loss of $94.6 million and put a misery on the history of flop movies.

flop movie, top 10, 13th warrior


6. The 13th Warrior 1999 (Estimated loss $137 million): Though Antonio Banderas reputes as one of the best male actor but the 13th warrior, historical fiction action movie based on Michel Crichton’s novel; eaters of the dead. The movie still made $137.1 million loss with revenue only $61.7 million and $160 million budget. The cause was predicted as flop movie as there was remarked re-edit when it failed to react favorably on an initial test audience.

flop movie, top 10, mars needs moms


5. Mars needs Mom 2011 (Estimated loss $141 million): This regards as the latest box office animated flop as the budget was $175 million and managed to get revenue only $39 million. The reason behind of this miscarry  for its poor motion capture technology and attracts many more negative review for getting into flop movies category.

flop movie, top 10, shara


4. Sahara 2005 (Estimated loss $145 million): The story of this movie based on a bestselling book but tactlessly fails miserable incurring loss by $144.9 million on a $241 million budget and from the critics point it esteemed as flop movies. This only managed to get $119.3 million in the opening and $18 million on first week as a get back of revenue.

flop movie, top 10, the adventures of pluto nash


3. Adventures of the Pluto Nash 2002 (Estimated loss $145.9 million): This movie was made in 2002 on the platform of science fiction comedy with grand casting of Eddy Murphy but only income $7.1 million on $120 million of costing. Pluto Nash confronted with incredible flop movie for its bad script, bad special effect, bad acting and overall bad humor to audience. Revenues count as only $7.1 million with $120 million budget as unexpected failure for this significant flop movie.

flop movie, top 10, the alamo


2. The Alamo 2004 (Estimated loss $147 million): This movie was based on American war on the Alamo battle with the time of 1860 of Mexico’s Texas revolution. From this perspective this movie gleams as excellent storyline but the director and the casts can’t make it interesting to audience with some disproportion of props. For utmost disaster, the movie was regarded as flop movie with only $25.8 million in revenue on $145 million budget.

flop movie, top 10, cutthroat island


1. Cutthroat Island 1995 (Estimated loss $ 148 million): This is the top most estimated flop movie ever as it faced loss of $148 million with the budget of $115 million. This pirate based movie was made on 1995 and failed to capitalize its position on ranking as the marginal revenue was only $18.5 million. This movie marked the star actors’ career as Johnny depp required 8 years to get back into pirate movie again.

An extensive effort is being made from every segment like director, producers and casts to make it successful but the misery knows no bound when it concerns as flop movie due to its less acceptance to the audience as it can’t create humor or suspense to attract the people. The flop movie become a history from backward with its tremendous loss in revenue against the total costing and significant flop movies record put a spot on the career of director, producers and even casts.

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