Top 10 Female serial killers in The World

Whenever we think of a woman we think of our Mom, Wife, Sisters, and Girlfriends etc. But some of them are twisted and evil, even serial killers! Based on some of their stories many novels were written & movies were made. I am introducing you with some of the most Dangerous Women serial killers.

10. Andrea Yates

serial killers, andrea yates

Andrea Yates is one of the most famous women serial killers. She is an American serial killer. She was born in July 2 1964. In June 20, 2001 she suddenly lost her mind & started drowning five of her own children into their family bathtub. Criminal experts think that she was bored with her life and couldn’t deal with so many children. After killing last children of her she called 911 & turned herself in. She found not guilty because of insanity and she went to a high security mental health care. In 2007 she moved to a low security mental hospital.

9. Beverly Allitt

serial killers, beverly allitt

 Beverly Allitt was born in England in 4th October 1968. She was a registered nurse & one of most vicious serial killers. She was known as Angel of death. She killed four children by injecting them a large amount of insulin. And a large air bubble was found inside another children’s skin. In 1993 she received 13 life sentences for her crime and held at Rampton secure hospital in Nottinghamshire.

8. Karla Leanne Homolka

serial killers, karla leanne homolka

Karla Leanne Homolka was one the first Canadian female serial killers. She was born in 4 may 1970 Ontario, Canada. She attracted whole world’s media because of manslaughter and rape & murder of two teenage girls. Homolka & her husband (Crime Partner) got caught in the year of 1993. She blamed her husband for abusing her to do the crimes unwillingly. She sentenced 12 years in prison (her punishment was reduced because of her confession). She was released in 2005 and got married gave birth of one children in 2007. Since then she remain vanished until 2012 a reporter fund her living in Guadeloupe (Caribbean Island) by the name of Leanne Bordelais with her husband and children.

7. Amy Archer Gilligan

serial killers, amy archer gilligan

Amy Archer Gilligan was also known as Sister Amy Archer Gilligan was one of the top most vicious serial killers. She was born in October 1868 Milton, Connecticut USA. Amy got married to Archer & got a job to take care of elderly people and with some of their savings they bought the house and named Sister Amy’s Nursing Home for Elderly. In 1910 James Archer died but according to his will everything was in the name of Amy. She got married again in 1913 & her husband was a very wealthy man Who also died in 1914 & Giving her his entire property. Only twelve elderly people died in 1907-1910. But within 1910 More than 60 elderly people died. People became very suspicious of her and some investigations were made where police found her and four other dead because of poison.

6. Nanny Doss

serial killers, nannie doss

Nanny Doss Was a Lethal House wife and one of the most vicious serial killers. She killed five of her husband, two of her children, her own sisters, her mother in law and her own mother. She was hit by a metal in her while she and her family traveling on a train. Since then she suffered headache and blackouts. She killed her second husband by poisoning his whisky after the very next day he raped her. After the death of her third husband his house mysteriously burned down and the insurance money went to Doss. She poisoned her fifth & final husband by arsenic to collect his insurance money but unfortunately she got caught. She confessed about her crimes. Because she was a woman, she did not sentenced death and sentenced for life in prison and died in prison in 1965 at the age of 59. What a lovely loving wife she was!!

5. Marybeth Tinning

serial killers, marybeth tinning

Marybeth Tinning is one of the famous serial killers in America. She was born in 1942. She killed nine of her own children before their fifth birthday from 1972 – 1985. She used to kill them by pillow on their face and choke to death. She confessed her murders of her children’s and sentenced 20 years in prison & denied parole for the fourth time in 2013. What a lovely Mother!!

4. Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

serial killers, darya nikolayevnasaltykova

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova was one of brutal serial killers in history. She was born in Russia in 1730. She killed at least 138 young women who were her slaves. She was arrested and found guilty for beating her surfs to death. In 1768 she was chained to a platform for one hour and there was a signboard hanging around her neck that says “this women tortured and murdered” many people came to see her. She was sentenced lifetime into prison & died there.

3. Jane Toppan

serial killers, jane toppan

Jane Toppan was one of the brutal serial killers in American history. She was a nurse and she used her patients as guinea pigs with morphine and atropine just to see what it does to their nervous system. She was cold blooded serial killers among all. She killed at least thirty one people. She was classified as lust killer because she used to felt sexual pleasure in watching people die. She was featured in Deadly women. By 1902 she confessed of killing 31 people but she was found not guilty because of her insanity. She was sent to a mental hospital for the rest of her life.

2. Aileen Wuornos

serial killers, Aileen Wuornos

Aileen Wuornos was also one the most famous American serial killers. She was born in Michigan 29 February 1956. In the year of 1989 she murdered her first victim Richard Mallory. Ever since she killed her first victim she gained so much confidence that she starting killing people like birds. She killed 7 people who were her customer by shooting them several times. She once tried to kill a man from a moving vehicle with a .22 caliber pistol. She was arrested several times for breaking the law. She was executed in 2002. You can see her legacy in the movie named “Monster” it was based on her life.

1. Belle Gunness

serial killers, Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness Was one of the most vicious serial killers there ever was. She was born in Norway November 11, 1859 & immigrated to U.S. she was six feet tall and more than 200 pound & a very strong women. She killed over 40 people including her husband and her own two daughters just to get benefited from some insurance company. She attracted wealthy man & then they started to disappear. In 1908 her house caught on fire and the investigators found so many bodies down her wine cellar and when they started digging her property they found many bodies along with her two daughters. They found a body was dressed like gunness but her size did not matched with that dead body so the authority declared her missing and she was never found.

There are so many unknown female serial killers out there. But I just introduced you with some of them who are well known as vicious serial killers. Hope all of you enjoyed this article. If you have much idea then, share with us in the comment.

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