Top 10 Fastest Trains in the world

Necessity is the main reason of invention. Science and Technology make our life easy and amazing. Train is one of the most wonderful inventions of Science. In 1804 Richard Trevithick invented first stream powered engine. But the technologies have now come up with fastest trains with speed of 581km/hr. The fastest trains make the world’s life fastest as well. Here is a list of top ten Fastest trains in the world along with their speed and route coverage.

10. Eurostar: UK, Belgium and France 199 miles per hour. 

fastest trains, eurostar

Eurostar is one of the fastest trains in our fastest trains list. It has a top speed of 199 miles per hour and it connects London with Paris and Brussels Traveling under the English Channel. Eurostar’s service is more comfortable and enjoyable for a passenger. Eurostar International Limited Provides this train service.


09. AVES-102, Spain – 205 miles per hour. 

fastest trains, aves 102

AVES-102 is also called The Talgo 350, the train organized by PENFE. This is the first fastest train to break the 200 mph barrier. It looks so funny and cute. AVES-102 has an amazing speed of 205 mph, which makes trips from Madrid to Barcelona so interesting and fast. This train is based on classes like, i.e. club class, first class and bristo class. According to its speed and opportunities this train placed on number 9 in our top 10 fastest trains list.


08. THSR 700T, Taiwan 208 miles per hour 

fastest trains, THSR 700T

THSR 700T is placed on number 8 in our top10 fastest trains list.1000 people can move at a time and it has a top speed of  208 mph that was developed based on the Srinkansen bullet trains of Japan. Kawasaki Heavy Industries Nippon Sharyo and Hitachi Limited create the train. The most important matter of this train is the maximum number of seats including 66 business classes. This is the first high speed railway in Taiwan and connects Taipei and Zuiying. That’s way it is numbered on 8 in our fastest trains list.


07. KTX Sancheon, South Korea – 219 miles per hour.

fastest trains, ktx sancheon

The Sancheon was known as the KTX-II. This train manufactured by the famous Hyundai Rotem and came into service in 2010. The train joins Seoul station to Busan via Daejeon and Daegunnects. This train judged to be the first commercial fastest train in South Korea. This train actually moves on the HSR- 350 technology that was developed locally. Due to its speed and many more opportunities this train won the 7th position in our top10 fastest trains list.


06. SNCF TGV Reseau, France – 236 miles per hour.

fastest trains, sncf tgv reseau

Alstom introduced The SNCF TGV Reseau in 1993. Its design based on The TGV Atlantique series. However, its normal speed in 199 miles per hour though it has recorded a top speed of 236 mph. Due to its running speed it numbered on 6th place in our top 10 fastest trains list.


05. Transrapid TR-09, Germany – 273 miles per hour. 

fastest trains, Transrapid TR-09

The Transrapid International Gmblt and company KG manufactured the Transrapid TR-09. The transrapid is a mono rail technology. It has a top speed 270 mph, which makes it the fourth fastest train in the world. It is used to serve both people and cargo goods. This is the advanced version of TR-08 with finest development and update invention. It has super chair coach with luxury and comfortable transrapid system. That’s way Transrapid is placed on number 5 in our top 10 fastest trains list.


 04. Shinkansen, Japan – 275 miles per hour. 

fastest trains, Shinkansen

Shinkan Sen won 4th position in the top 10 fastest train list. It’s a bullet train and it has a top speed of 275 mph. Japan is renowned for this bullet train. The compartments are classified and railway passes are applicable wherever necessary. It is the highest passenger holding train of around fourteen million yearly. It is most noticeable that, this train has maintained an amazing record of no passenger injuries so far according to any kind of train accident. The nickname of this train is Duck-Billed Platypus. Due to its amazing speed it is placed on number four in the fastest trains list.


03. CRH 380 A, China – 302 miles per hour 

fastest trains, crh 380

CRH 380 A hold’s third position in the top 10 fastest trains list. The Oingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company Limited manufactured the CRH 380 A. the Chinese are depended on foreign technology for their high speeds rails. CRH 380 A has an amazing speed of 302 miles per hour which makes this, the fastest legal way to travel by land. It approved since 2010 and services a journey from Beijing to Shanghai and also daily service in Wuhan to Guangzhou route. Its super condition makes feel like heaven. That’s way this train listed on number 3 in our top 10 fastest trains list.


02. TGV POS, France – 357.2 miles per hour.

fastest train, tgv pos

TGV POS (wheeled rail) France holds second position in the fastest trains list. Its amazing speed 574.8 km per hour was noticed during a journey from Paris to Strasbourg. It has broken the record of the wheeled rail speed record. TVG POS manufactured by French national railway corporation, but the way is a part of Rail Europe.Unluckily this line is not yet sanctioned to provide the passenger. That’s way is being applied until now. Due to its speed it is placed on number 2 in our top 10 fastest trains list.


01. JR Maglev MLX01, Japan – 361 miles per hour. 

fastest trains,JR- Maglev MLX01

Japan, the father of technology again showed his power and placed on the highest position by manufacturing the world’s fastest train with magnetic levitation technology, which attained a maximum speed of 581 km per hour.  JR Maglev MLX01 is manufactured by the central Japan Railway Company and Railway Technical Research Institute. The train has broken the record of other maglev vehicles too. It is the latest version with superconducting bogie. Due to its lots of opportunities and amazing speed it is the number one fastest train in our fastest train list.

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