top 10 fastest planes in the world

The world is getting hot. Ask me why? I think just because of the war. To win these wars everyone need modern technology and finest war equipment. Jet fighter or fighter plane is the most effective equipment for this kind of war. So I will let you know the most powerful and destructive as well as fastest fighter planes in the world. I am making a list of top10 best fighter jet in the world. This list made only on my choice. It may deferent with you. If you have choice please let me know.

10. Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor

This cool jet fighter is single seated supersonic air craft. Designed and built by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Boeing, space and security of USA. This jet fighter banned by US air force on exports for high cost of planes and lack of ability of air to air combat mission and to improve F-35 in 2009. It was built in 1996.

Max speed: 2410 km/h

First flight: 7 September 1997

Engine: 2

Wing span: 14m

Length: 19m

Empty Weight: 19,700 kg

Loaded Weight: 29,300 kg

Range: 2960km

Lockheed-Martin-F-22-Raptor, f-22, top 10 fastest planes in the world

9. Eurofighter Typhoon 

This jet fighter is designed and manufactured by a consortium of three companies – BAE systems, EADS and Alenia Aermacchi under the authorization of UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain in 1983. Due to disagreement France left the consortium. This aircraft used by Royal Air force, German Air force, Italian Air force and Spanish Air force . 


Max speed: 2495 km/h

First flight: 27 March 1994

Engine: 2

Wing span: 11m

Length: 16m

Empty Weight: 11,000 kg

Loaded Weight: 16,000 kg

Range: 3790 km

Eurofighter Typhoon,Top 10 fastest planes in the world

8. Mig-21

This supersonic jet fighter designed and built by Russia. It has a nick name; Balalaika. This aircraft used in many battle such as Korean War, Vietnam War, Indian-Pakistan conflict, Egypt-Syria-Israel conflict. Mig-21 used by Russian air force, Indian air force, Libyan air force etc.

Max speed: 2499 km/h

First flight: 14February 1955

Engine: 1

Wing span: 7.15m

Length: 1.77m

Weight: 5200 kg

Range: 1640km

mig21,Top 10 fastest planes in the world

7. Su-35

This single seated supersonic jet fighter designed by Sukhoi and manufactured by Komsomolsk on Amur Aircraft production Association (Soviet Union). This was first design in 1980 for su-27 and developed into Su-35. This aircraft is used by Russian Air Force.

Max speed: 2500 km/h

First flight: 19February 2008

Engine: 2

Wing span: 15.3 m

Length: 21.9 m

Empty Weight: 18400 kg

Loaded Weight: 25300 kg

Range: 3600 km

su-35, top10 fastest planes in the world

6. McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle

This jet fighter made by McDonnell Douglas Boeing Defense, Space and Security (USA). F-15 is the most successful fighter in the combat dogfight history. This super fighter is used by US Air Force, Japan Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Force and Israeli Air Force.

Max speed: 2680 km/h

First flight: 27July 1972

Engine: 2

Wing span: 13 m

Length: 19.43 m

Empty Weight: 12,700 kg

Loaded Weight: 20,200 kg

Range: 5,550 km

f15, top10 fastest planes in the world

5. XB-70

XB-70 is the prototype version of B-70 nuclear bomber. XB-70 designed by North American Aviation in 1960. This aircraft was build for research purpose and used by US Air Force and NASA. Only 2 copy of unit made. This supersonic aircraft retired from service in 1969. 

Max speed: 3309 km/h

First flight: 21September 1964

Engine: 6

Wing span: 32 m

Length: 57.6 m

Empty Weight: 115,030 kg

Loaded Weight: 242,500 kg

Range: 6900 km

xb-70, top10 fastest planes in the world

4. Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG-25)

This supersonic jet fighter is a product of Russia. This Aircraft gives a great concern to the west in Vietnam War. MiG-25 was the fastest fighter aircraft in the world at that time. These days this jet fighter used in limited purpose. Production of Mig-25 now stopped.

Max speed: 3392 km/h

First flight: 6March 1964

Engine: 2

Wing span: 14.01 m

Length: 19.75 m

Empty Weight: 20,000 kg

Loaded Weight: 36,720 kg

Range: 1730 km

Mig-25, top10 fastest planes in the world

3. Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 is designed by Clarence “Kelly” Johnson and manufactured by Lockheed, Skunk Works Division. This is a reconnaissance aircraft. SR-71 is used US Air Force and NASA. This aircraft retired form service in 1998.

Max speed: 3540 km/h

First flight: 22 December 1964

Wing span: 16.94 m

Length: 32.74 m

Empty Weight: 30,600 kg

Loaded Weight: 69,000 kg

Range: 5400 km

sr-71, top 10 fastest planes in the world

2. Lockheed YF-12

This is also a production of USA. This fighter plane is looks like SR-71 but has some modification. YF-12 is also looks like the aircraft that used in X-Men movie. Yf-12 service is cancelled.

Max speed: 3661 km/h

First flight: 7 August 1963

Wing span: 16.95 m

Length: 32.74 m

Empty Weight: 27,604 kg

Loaded Weight: 65,200 kg

Range: 4800 km

yf-12, top 10 fastest plane in the world

1. X-15

X-15 is rocket powered aircraft made by USA and used by US Air Force and NASA. This aircraft break all records of speed in 1960. Maybe  this jet is built only for show of, that’s why this super cool plane retired in 1970.

Max speed: 7274 km/h

First flight: 8 June 1959

Wing span: 6.8 m

Length: 15.45 m

Empty Weight: 6,620 kg

Loaded Weight: 15,420 kg

Range: 450 km

x-15, top 10 fastest planes in the world

So these are the fastest plane or jet fighter in the world in my choice. What is yours?


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