Top 10 Amusing Facts of World Cup 2014

The 2014 world cup is being held in Brazil this year. Brazil is the host this years world cup. There are 32 countries participating in this year’s world cup. 64 matches will be played & may the best team wins. As the game continues here are top ten most interesting facts about world cup 2014.


10. Most Expensive World Cup


World Cup 2014 is the most expensive world cup ever. This world cup will cost more than 14-16 Billion Dollars! Infect its much more costly than last two world cups cost together. The Brazilians are not happy though about the budget & they took this issue into the streets.


9. Prediction


There are 11 animal oracles who predicted result of the world cup 2014. Among them Shaheen the Emeriti camel has the best prediction rate like the matches of Spain-Netherlands & Italy-England.


8. Bazuka Ball


In this world cup Adidas designed few ball which have innovative camera with six different lenses to capture a 360 view during action. These balls are light weight and faster & these balls wont change their course even the weather changes. There is a very slight chance of playing with these balls because these balls are built to record shots which will be used in a promotional video of world cup 2014.


7. Darth Vadar police Mask


In this year world cup all 12 states of Brazilian police will be wearing the mask inspired by the Star wars movie character Darth Vadar.  These masks will protect them from gas and can withstand high temperature. These masks will make things visible even the fog and it has a voice amplifier. These masks will be used only in case of riot brakes out.


6. A paraplegic teenager will take the first kick.


A paralyzed teenager in a robotic body suit will kick off this year’s world cup. This body suit has the sensor to understand the mind and walking & kicking ability. Well this may be end of wheel chair era!


5. The vanishing spray


Referees of this year’s world cup will be using a vanishing spray t hold back the players in line for free kick. Referrers will be able to mark the spot from where the free kick will be taken & also draw a ten yard line.


4. If it’s too hot, play will be stopped by the Referee.


In this year’s world cup some parts of Brazil are very hot & humid. Therefore if the weather gets too hot, FIFA have agreed that the referee will have the power to stop the play two or three times to re-hydrate!


3. Goal line technology


Due to past controversies this year’s world cup will be using goal line technology for the first time. 14 cameras, 7 on each side will be focusing on the goal line & will be connected to a main frame computer. If the ball crosses the goal line the referee will feel a vibration because of the special watch he will be wearing!


2. Drones & US robots will be used


In this year’s world cup Israeli Drones & U.S robots will be used for safety purposes.

These drones will monitor the crowd & the packbot-500 military robots will protect tourists and citizen. These robots can be operated by remote & will examine any suspicious object. These robots also have facial recognition camera galss.


1. Special demands of teams


In this world cup some of the team demanded something that makes sense but some of them are totally insane like these,

Uruguay Silent air conditioning
Portugal A computer console in every room & six bodyguards but four of them for CR7!
Algeria A copy of Quran in every room
Japan Jacuzzi in every room
France Liquid soap instead of bar type soap
Ecuador Ecuadorian bananas in every room!


There are so many crazy things going on regarding the world cup 2014. All we really hope that through this world cup & game of football may the peace come to all around the world and may the best country win!

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