Top 10 Most Dangerous Serial Killers

We have seen enough movies about serial killers. Maybe most of the film inspired from real life, like psycho. I don’t know why they do this kind of notorious activities. Some of serial killers are mentally disordered, that is off topic but the matter is about them who are totally mentally stable. Why they do this to the society? I am keeping a question to you. I am going to introduce you world’s top 10 most dangerous serial killers. You will be shocked knowing about the way, how they did this to their victim.


10. Ed Gein

ed gein, top 10, serial killers

Ed Gein is one of the most notorious serial killers in America. Alfred Hichcocks famous horror movie Psycho was based on Ed Geins life. He was a grave robber. Ed confessed that he killed two women. Maybe the amount he killed doesn’t describe that he is a serial killer, but the way he killed them, I can say he is a serial killer. To know better about Ed Gein you can watch the movie.


9. Robert Pickton

william pickton, top 10, serial killers

Robert Pickton is a Canadian serial killer. He is a rich pig farmer. He committed almost 49 murders. Most of them are prostitute or drug users. He brings those women to his farm for enjoyment, after that, he killed them and feed the dismembered bodies to the pig. Robert Pickton sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.


8. Andrei Chikatilo

andrei chikatilo, top 10, serial killers

Andrei Chikatilo is one of the worst human born on earth. He is a Ukrainian serial killer. He killed 52 women and children. He was famous by his many nick names such as Butcher of Rostov, Red Ripper, Rostov Ripper etc. His first victim was a nine year old girl. He attacked her to rape and slashed her throat while she is begging her life. After that, he felt it’s really amazing when a woman beg her life and stabbed her to death. How horrific!!!!!! Chikatilo was executed with single gunshot back the right ear.


7. Richard Chase

richard chase, top 10, serial killers

Richard Chase is an American serial killer. He was a schizophrenic patient. During his trial he says that if he didn’t kill them they would have killed him. He was afraid of Nazis. He thought that Nazis will use his blood for many kinds of brutal activity.  That’s why he had to kill his victim. His mental setup was that everyone is in league with Nazi. Richard Chase proven murder was 6 but we don’t know how many are unknown. His nickname was “The vampire of Sacramento” because he drank his victim’s blood and ate the remaining organs. Richard Chase was sentence to death in gas chamber, but he found dead in his cell on December 26, 1980.


6. Javed Iqbal

javed iqbal, top 10, serial killers

Javed Iqbal is one of the most dangerous serial killers. He is from Lahore, Pakistan. He has confessed about his murders to police and a newspapers editor named Khawar Naeem after ending his all murders. He has killed 100 victims. Most of them are ages 6 to 16. Most of his victims were boys who are runway from home or orphan. When he convinced them he brings them with him and strangled them. After that, he disposed their bodies in a vat with Hydrochloric acid and dumped the remaining into the river. He said he hates this world, don’t want to live anymore and he has no regrets for his murders. He committed suicide before his final statements.


5. Gary Ridgway

gary rigdway, top 10, serial killers

I can say, most of the serial killers I find are Americans. Gary Ridgway is an American. He killed almost 70 women. Most of them are prostitute. Strangling was his first choice to kill those women. “Green River killer” was his nick name because his first five victim’s bodies found in Green River. Gary Ridgway sentenced to death, but spared from that penalty and received sentenced to life in prison without any parole.


4. Albert Fish

albert fish, top 10, serial killers

Albert fish also is an American serial killer. He was a brutal rapist and cannibal. Albert Fish is also known as The Brooklyn Vampire, Gray Man, The Werewolf of Wysteria etc. His possible victims might be 100. He was convicted murder of Grace Budd and sentenced to death in an electric chair.


3. John Wayne Gacy

john wayne gacy, top 10, serial killers

John Wayne Gacy is an American serial killer. Killer clown was his nick name. He volunteered himself to parades and parties. At those parties he wore “pogo the clown”. With that dress he raped and killed 33 teenage boys and men. Most of them he buried in his yard or his available private properties or the river beside his house. He spent 14 years on death row and executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.


2. Ted Bundy

ted bundy, top 10, serial killers

Ted Bundy is the most brutal serial killer in USA history. He was good looking; no one could believe that he is a murderer. Police said that he just claimed about his 30 murders but the amount could be higher. Women were his first choice to kill. For his charming look it was easy to gain trust from young ladies. Some times he pretends to be a fireman or any authority person or a handicapped. He killed his victims, sex with dead bodies, dismembered the bodies and kept their head as a souvenir. He was caught in 1979 and sentenced to death by electric chair.


1. Jeffrey Dahmer

jafery dahmer, top 10, serial killers

Jeffrey Dahmer is another American serial killer. He is one of the scariest serial killers. He was a sex maniac. He did a brutal sexual act by drilling victims head and skull when the victims are still alive. Jeffrey is also known for his cannibalism. After killing men and women, he had sex with the corpses or ate them. He was arrested on July 22, 1991. In the year 1994 he was beaten to death by an inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution.


So this is my top 10 most dangerous serial killers list. There are so many serial killers in the world. Some of them are unknown like Jack The Ripper or Zodiac killer. I just describe about them who are most famous and arrested.

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