Top 10 Dangerous fish in the World

There are lots of fish in the world. They have different color, different size as well as behavior. Some of the fishes are so dangerous, but all are not. Here is a list about dangerous fish which are really dangerous fish. They are able to kill not only other specious even human also. Let’s see top 10 dangerous fishes in the world.


10. Goliath Tigerfish

dangerous fish, goliath tigerfish

The Goliath Tigerfish is so dangerous fish and horrible looking as well. It is measure up to six and a half feet in length and around 65 pounds in weight, but the preying capability of its unmatchable. These horrific fishes are mostly found in Congo River, which is in the central western parts of the Africa. This fish uses its long range of sight and good hearing abilities to find its prey and can run with a phenomenal speed of 100 km/hr to chase its prey. The mouth of this fish is studded with giant dagger like canine teeth –each more than two inches. That’s why the fish listed on number 10 in our top 10 dangerous fish list.


09. Piraiba Catfish.

dangerous fish,piraiba catfish

Piraiba Catfish is found in river of Amazon. It is measure up to 250 kg and up to 9 feet in length. Piraiba catfish is gigantically large, a blackish blue demon like fish that roars as loudly as a wild lion. Its speed, agility and accuracy which provide it grip to hold its prey as well as make it one of the most dangerous fish in the world. For these reasons the fish placed on number 9 in our top ten dangerous fish list.


08. Goonch Fish.

dangerous fish, goonch catfish

Goonch fish is a dangerous fish which is found in Kali River and runs between India and Nepal. It grows up to 7 feet and weight about 300 pounds which makes it uneasy for an individual to handle. It comes from the catfish family and has acquired a strong taste for human flesh. That’s why this fish gained number 8 in our top dangerous fish list.


07. Great Barracuda

dangerous fish, barracuda

Great Barracuda is a fish which is really so dangerous fish and usually found in warm water in the Caribbean, Western Atlantic, Brazil, Fiji, Bermuda and Indian Ocean. They are greenish in color above, white at the bottom, 6 feet in length and around 80 pounds in weight. Great Barracuda loves to eat small fish and usually attacks in the group. It can attack human also when human bother them. If you want to avoid the attacks of these fish, you should stay away from areas with low visibility and mangrove region.


06. Wels Catfish.

dangerous fish, welscatfish

Wells Catfish is a most dangerous fish in the world and measure up to 13 feet in length and weighing over 400 pounds. They are generally found in lakes of Germany and in river of Russia. It has a very long fin that it uses to reportedly engulf the entire human body in its greenish white belly without leaving any mark of existence. The fish is not meant for human food and even the eggs its lays are toxic enough to make human seriously ill. For these reasons the fish listed on number 6 in our top 10 dangerous fish list.


05. Giant Freshwater Stingray

dangerous fish, stingray

Giant Freshwater Stingray is very dangerous fish which is also known as cousins of Sharks. It is measure up to 16 feet in length with a weight of up to 2000 pounds. It is a poisonous monster lurks in the murky waters of Southeast Asia. The popular crocodile man name “Steve Irwin” died after being stabbed in the chest by a small ocean stingray. They have pectoral fins which help them to easily move underwater. This saucer shaped monster has an 8 inch stinger which can be whipped back like that of a scorpion to target an unsuspecting wader. For these reasons this dangerous fish listed on our top ten dangerous fish list.


04. Piranha.

dangerous fish, piranha

Piranha is very aggressive and dangerous fish in the world. This fresh water living fish found in South Africa and some part of the Brazilian rivers. They are aggressive towards other fish and it is famous mainly because of its very sharp teeth which are able to cut the human skin like a knife. They are capable to eat everything including insects, birds, amphibians, lizards and dead meats. They are the super killing machine and they can bite up to 30 times greater than its own weight. That’s why the fish placed on number 04 in our top 10 dangerous fish list.


03. Alligator Gar

dangerous fish, alligator gar

This brown colored Alligator Gar is an ancient fish that looks more like a crocodile with its huge scales and enormous, fang studded mouth. They are found in North America and Mexico. It grows up to 10 feet in length and 100 kg in weight. Their teeth are so deadly and they are capable to kill their prey when they feel bother and otherwise not. That’s why they are placed on number 03 in our top 10 dangerous fish list.


02. Electric Eel

dangerous fish, electric eel

Electric Eel is a great creature usually found on Amazon. It is dark grey in color and its current is too strong that is capable of killing a human directly by releasing a 600 volt electric current. It is measure up to 8 feet in length and 50 pounds in weight. They use their electric current to hunt prey and also to protect own self. Rubber gloves can be used to handle an Electric Eel, because rubber is an insulator. For these reasons Electric Eel won place 2 in our top 10 dangerous fish list.


01. Bull Shark 

dangerous fish, bull shark

Bull Shark is the most dangerous fish on this planet and more aggressive and much more powerful. A typical Bull Shark can be found almost all over the world but mostly in warm fresh water regions. It measures up to 12 feet and about 700 pounds in weight which is really awesome. They have most powerful force of biting as compared to any other specious of fish. They love to eat almost everything including other fish, dolphins and even other sharks. Though they don’t like human flesh but they don’t take time to bite when found a human and even its single bite is so extreme strong that it occur death. That’s why this fish make their place on top in our top 10 dangerous fish list.


It’s a short list about deadliest dangerous fish list. Without this ten fishes, there are lots of dangerous fish also. But all are can not be listed. It’s a try to give little idea about top ten dangerous fish. Hope this try is effective to all readers.

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