Top 10 Best Wrestlers in the World

When we talk about sports entertainment the first thing that comes to our mind is wrestling. Wrestling is very renown all over the world & wrestlers (wrestling superstars) as well. People pay a lot of money to watch wrestling. There are so many companies out there like WWE, TNA & many more. Let me introduce to you some (top 10) of the greatest wrestlers of all time.


10. Daniel Bryan

wrestler, Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is a WWE superstar. He weighs in at 210 lbs & height 5.10 inch. He was born in May 22nd 1981. He has a wrestling background along with mix martial arts. He is a two time world champion, one time tag team champion, one time United States champion. Everybody considers him as an underdog but he made history by beating all odds & competitors like HHH, John Cena & Many others. He is the current champion. The WWE universe like this wrestler so much that they chants with him, cheers for him. Yes! Yes! Yes!


9. CM Punk

wrestler, CM Punk

This is a wrestler who has done it all. From winning money in the bank to world championship he has held every championship titles. One of the most decorated superstar from WWE. He weighs 218 lbs & height 6 feet 3inch.


8. John Cena

wrestler, John Cena

This is a fighter who lives by the mantra NEVER GIVE UP! He is the second highest championship title holder in WWE. He is a ten time world champ and perhaps the most famous wrestler of them all. He is six feet one inch tall & weighs 251 lbs.


7. Stone Cold Steve Austin

wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin

This wrestler was the most bad ass wrestler of them all. He is also a multi time champion & a former football player. He is six feet three inch tall & weighs 252 lbs. his favorite dialogue was GIVE ME A HELL YEAH!!


6. The Rock

wrestler, The Rock

Dwayne the Rock Johnson is also a greatest wrestler of all time. He is also renowned for his movies. He has done it all. From the U.S. title to the championship title he held everything. He weighs 260 lbs & his height is 6 feet 5 inch. This wrestler likes to kick ass with his boot!!


5. Kurt Angle

wrestler, Kurt Angle

Kurt Steve Angle is a wrestler who is the first ever Olympic gold medalist fighter in the world. He held so many championships from WWE to TNA to other Japanese championship. He is also known as wrestling cyborg. He is six feet tall & weighs 232 lbs. This wrestler is a wrestling machine.


4. Mick Foley

wrestler, Mick Foley

This is a wrestler who is a hall of fame inductee. This wrestler is a former WCW champion, multi time world champion. He is also a comedian. He is six feet two inch tall & weighs 287 lbs. Foley is God!!(That’s what his T- Shirt says).


3. The Undertaker

wrestler, the undertaker

The Undertaker is a renowned wrestler all around the globe. He is a phenomenon wrestler. He had an unbeaten Wrestle mania streak for over 20 years, 2014 until Brock Leasner defeated him. He is an iconic wrestler an also most feared wrestler of them all. He is six feet ten inch tall & weighs three hundred pounds.


2. Ric Flair

wrestler, Ric Flair

This wrestler is a wrestling god. He is a former world champ & a hall of fame inductee. He held the most amounts of title in the wrestling history. He is six feet one inch tall & weights 243 lbs. This wrestler says to be the man you have to beat the man. Woo Woo Woo!!


1. Hulk Hogan

wrestler, Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan is the wrestler that everyone idolized. He is a former multiple time champion & a hall of fame inductee. He is also known as Hollywood Hogan. He has an incredible 20 inch arms. He is six feet seven inch tall & weighs 320 lbs. This wrestler is the real deal brother!

There are so many wrestlers that I did not mention because some of them are still young and some of them were very famous but not as famous as these wrestlers. Here is some honorary mention of some other greatest wrestlers like Randy savage, Breat the hitman Hart, Hack Saw Jim Dugan, Shawn Michaels, H H H, Randy Orton, Batista, Andre the Giant, The ultimate warrior.

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