2013’s mobile market was really remarkable for the appraiser . Consumer have got multifunctional mobile with a differentiate facility and as well as with a cheap cost .All smart mobile provided  a facility just like carrying a high capable  mini computer in pocket . So I will describe you the best mobile phone of 2013.

1)Apple Iphone 5 :

iphone 5, best mobile phone


This phone is one of the best selling phone from top 10, actually it comes  on  rank one. It just look alike smart phone because it has  all similar feature . The additional feature of Iphone 5 are

A) It supports quad core processor

B)It has a 12 mega pixel camera

C)well battery strength

D)It supports LTE and NFC


2)Nokia Lumia 920:

nokia lumia hd


After Apple Iphone 6, Nokia Lumia 920 takes on second  Rank. It also provides  outstanding competitive feature . It gains popularity among
Nokia phone .The extra feature of it’s are—-

A)extra large display (4.5 inches)

B)1.5 GHZ processor

C)Ram 1 GB

D)32 GB internal  space memory

E)It has a 8.7 mega pixel camera

F)OS windows


3)Samsung Galaxy S4 :

sumsong hd



Samsung is improving very rapidly . Now they are one of the strong competitor of Apple . Samsung Galaxy S5- 19500 is the 3rd best-selling mobile till now in 2013. they have taken differentiate strategy and have brought  this set in the market . The main attractive feature of this set is 13 mega pixel camera . Other features are

A)5 inches HD display

B)Android OS

C)Processor 1.6 GHZ

D)2 GB Ram

E)13 mega pixel camera


 4)Sony Xperia ZL:

Sony_Xperia_Z1-540x400 hd


The 4th  position gainer is Sony Xperia ZL , actually it’s a wonderful Android phone made by the sony .The main attractive feature of it’s  internal space .The other features of it—

A)13 mega pixels

B)Internal space are 64 GB

C)Processor 1.5 GHZ



5.Blackberry BB Z 10 :

blackbarry hd


In this year Blackberry also has got market because of it’s extra feature . New addition of it’s multimedia qualities are really adoptable .

Other feature of it’s—

A)Display size 4.5 inch

B)Dual core processor

C)1 GB Ram


 6.HTC 8X :

htc hd


It is one of the windows phone and  similar like Nokia Lumia through the feature . The extra feature of it—

A)Display 4.3 inch

B)1.5 GHz processor

C)Mega pixel 8

D)secondary camera 2.1 mega pixel


 7.Nokia Lumia 820:



Nokia are so popular for their service  and have got market their another set. The main feature of  it’s-

A)4.3  inch display

B)1.5 GHZ processor

 8) Samsung ATIV S :




All time Samsung is different for their design . This set is totally difference and beautiful ,,actually it’s color is more attractive .

main feature of it—

A)1  GB Ram

B)32 GB internal memory

C)camera 8 mega pixel


 9)Samsung Galaxy note 3:



Another best selling mobile of Samsung and all feature are just same like Samsung Galaxy series and extra feature added by

Increasing display size from 3 to  6 inches .


10)Google’s Nexus 5:

google nexus


One of the most dependable set among the nexus series and treat as a best set also. The features of this phone are—

A)5 inch display

B)1080HD display

C)1 GB ram

D)processor  quad core

E ) LTE connectivity (Long Term Evolution)

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