Top 10 Best Cameras 2015

Cameras have been being used in our life since 1840. Everyone loves to be captured in photographs. It seizes the moment, helps to remember the time that are gone. To remember these moments’ cameras were invented. Today we are going to introduce you with the top 10 best cameras 2015.


10. Nikon Coolpix P900:

Best Cameras 2015, nikon coolpix p900

This camera is launched in March 2015. This is a fantastic super zoom fixed lens camera. This point and shoot camera comes with a 16 mega pixel resolution and a vari-angle LCD screen focal length of this camera is equivalent of 24-2000mm (83X)!! This camera has a built in Wi-Fi and NFC. It has a sensor of ½.3 inch, electronic view finder, ISO range of 100-6000, max aperture of 2.8, max shutter speed 4000. This camera also has a full manual control and full HD video recording! This camera has a price tag of $600. This is one of the best cameras of 2015 for sure! For more click here


9. Panasonic ZS50:

Best Cameras 2015, panasonic zs50

At number nine in our list of best cameras 2015 here is a compact camera that is perfect for the go! This camera was launched in January 2015. With a 30x zoom this camera is capable of taking amazing photos. It has a large sensor and in burst mode this camera can shoot up to 10 frames per second. It also has RAW mode that takes every details of photo. With 12.1 Mega pixel resolutions, 3 inch LCD screen, Electronic view finder, built in WI FI, built in flash and 1080 HD movie recording up to 60 frame per second it is one best camera among best cameras of 2015. It has a price tag of $390. For more details check out


8. Nikon Coolpix P340:

Best Cameras 2015, nikon p340

This is a very good compact point and shoot camera. It was released in September 2014 but its popularity flourished in 2015. So this camera is in our list at number 8 of best cameras 2015. With 12.1 mega pixel resolution this camera contains some amazing features like max aperture 1.8 that is perfect for stunning portrait photos, ISO 80-3200 expendable up to 25000, 3 inch LCD monitor, sensor size 1/1.7 inch, 5x optical zoom lens which is fixed, up to 10 shots per second in continues mode, a CMOS family sensor, 1080 HD movie recording 30 frame per second, it has a lens shift VR(vibration reduction or image stabilization ), auto focus, focus lock, manual control, built in flash, built in WI FI. What more do you want from a less than $400 camera?! So without any doubt we can say that this is the best camera of 2015. for more go


7. Olympus TG-4:

Best Cameras 2015, olympus tg4

First of all let me clear the fact that TG stands for Tough! Among in best cameras 2015 this is the camera that is the most decorating camera in our list. The Olympus tg-4 is waterproof! Can take underwater photos in the depth of 50 feet (amazing!)!! Freeze proof to 14 degrees F!! Shock proof to 7 feet!!! And crush proof to 220lb!!!! WOW! It has RAW mode capture along with 16 Mega pixels resolution, underwater mode with underwater HDR, 4x optical wide angle zoom, max aperture of F2, built in WI FI, GPS, electronic compass, continues shooting speed up to 5 frames per second, 3 inch LCD display along with 1080 movie recording with time laps movie!! It’s the best camera of 2015 if you are looking for a tough camera. It has a price tag of $380. For more details


6. Sony RX100 IV:

Best Cameras 2015, sony rx100 iv

In our list of best cameras 2015 here is a camera that will make you say wow! This camera has everything that needs to make it a best camera, like the 4k video recording! Amazed? Wait for more here it comes.. This little monster has a CMOS sensor, 21 mega pixel resolution, Carl Zeiss lens, max aperture of F1.8 best for Bokeh(blur background), 3 inch TFT LCD screen, auto focus, single AF, continuous AF, max shutter speed of 1/3200, 40x super slow motion, 16 frame per second image capturing, XGA OLED true finder electronic viewfinder, auto focus lock, ISO 125-12800, RAW mode, scene selection, self timer, panorama, built in flash, built in WI FI, wide angle optical zoom. The only thing it lacks is more zoom though it has 11x digital zoom! Its surly the best camera of 2015. For more details

 Top 10 Best Cameras 2015


5. Nikon 1J5:

Best Cameras 2015, nikon 1g5

If you are looking for best cameras of 2015 you should consider this camera for its stunning features. Nikon 1j5 has CMOS sensor, 20.8 Mega pixel camera resolution, 20 frame per second continuous shooting, 180 degree tilting touch screen, full manual control, built in WI FI, NFC, 3 inch LCD monitor, ISO 160-12800 let you capture low light images, even at the ISO 12800 there is no noise!! Thanks to its high ISO noise reduction. HD movie recording 1920×1080/60p and also 4k video recording!  Panorama, RAW mode, electronically controlled aperture, max shutter speed 1/16000! Hybrid auto focus, built in flash, 10k resolution monitor. Nikkor 1 lens mount where lens like prime, wide angle and telephoto zoom can be attached. 11 lenses available for this lens mount. With the small size and under $500 there is no better option that will give you the feel of a DSLR. This one is the best camera of 2015 so far! For more details go


4. Fujifilm X-T1:

Best Cameras 2015, fujifilm xt1

In the list of top ten best cameras 2015 this is the last one which is not a DSLR! This camera also got some amazing features like the others we mentioned above. It has a CMOS sensor with primary color filter, 16 million pixel resolution, 3 inch 1040K dot LCD screen, sensor cleaning system ultra sonic vibration, RAW format, FUJIFILM X mount lens, ISO auto up to 200-6400, max shutter speed 1/4000, continuous shooting up to 8 frame per second, external flash, OLED color viewfinder, full HD movie recording, auto red eye removal, weather proof, waterproof, dustproof, freeze proof to -10 degree C. fantastic auto focus and view finder makes it the best among the best cameras 2015. for more details


3. Nikon D3300:

Best Cameras 2015, nikon d300

In the list of best cameras 2015 here is an entry level DSLR camera that was released in 2014 but because of its huge popularity its still one of the best cameras of 2015. This is a DX format entry level DSLR. It has a Nikon DX format CMOS sensor, 24.2 million pixel resolution, interchangeable Nikon F mount lenses, ISO 100-12800 expandable up to 25000. max shutter speed of 1/4000, built in pop up flash, optical view finder with pentamirror, continuous shooting up to 5 frames per second, it has 3D color matrix metering. The only thing this camera lacks is a focus motor. Other than that everything is in order especially for the beginners the user manual modes! It has raw shooting and 11 point auto focus area. This is the best camera of 2015 for the beginners who are trying to do photography with a DSLR. For more details


2. Nikon D7200:

Best Cameras 2015, nikon d7200

In search of best cameras 2015 we got this DSLR that is perfect for the title of best camera. It was released in March 2015 this is the upgrade version of the earlier D7100. This DSLR comes with Nikon DX format CMOS sensor, along with 24.2 million resolutions, 6 FPS continuous shooting, built in focus motor, built in flash, built in WI FI, ISO 100-25000, full HD movie recording, Nikon F bayonet mount lens, pentaprism viewfinder, 51 area focus point, self cleaning sensor, mirror lock up, max shutter speed 1/8000. It is the best intermediate level DSLR. For more details visit


1. Canon Eos 5DS R:

Best Cameras 2015, canon eos 5dsr

At the top of our list of best cameras 2015 we selected this beast as our camera of 2015. This camera has a Full frame sensor along with a humongous 50 Mega Pixel resolution and a massive 61 auto focus point area! 0.71x large viewfinder, high ISO, HDR, more card slot, Weather Proof, pentaprism viewfinder, max shutter speed of 1/8000. 5 FPS, the few things it lacks are no flip out screen and no touch screens, but there are no doubt that this monster is going to take over the market of cameras with its stunning features and everything. For more go


We tried to give you guys the best researched information’s about the top 10 best cameras 2015. Hope you guys liked it. We will try bringing you the updates about every top 10 related things we possibly can. Please pray for us and stay connected with us. Cheers!!!

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