Top 10 Bad Habits That Make Us Look Older

When our age increases we look old as the days pass by. There are some people who are just thirty but look older than that age & there are some who looks thirty even though they are over forty. There are some bad habits that force us look older than our usual age. We should try to get out of those bad habits as soon as possible.

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10. Rubbing eyes

According to dermatologist if we rub our eye (upper part & lower part) it increases the chance of dark circle under the eye line. Normally we rub our eye when something like dust or small bugs goes into our eyes but when we rub our eyes our eye skin becomes thinner and for that the lower part of the skin starts hanging under eyes. That’s makes us look older.


9. Being Skinny

Now a days being skinny is very trendy and fashionable. Fatless body is very attractive there’s no doubt about that but if that fatless body becomes very skinny then it causes to burn fat from face muscle and which is why you’ll look older than your usual age. So loose excessive fat but don’t get skinny.


8. Becoming a Night Owl

From the age 15-25 people likes to sleep late at night & it affects us to look older than we already are. Lack of sleep affects directly to your eyes which can cause your eyes dark circle. Your eyes tiredness can increase your age ten times than your actual age. So to avoid this problem you should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day & avoid sleeping late at night. Try to sleep at a specific time.


7. Work out to loose weight

Some people suddenly start to work out to loose fat but after a month or two most of them leave exercise. Some people loose their weight to a point as they planned and then stop exercise. Remember if you’re doing this you’re deceiving yourself. Research shows that people who exercise daily has a chance to increase their lifetime & it helps to reduce their disease. If you leave exercise it’ll causes you gain weight & make toy look older. So exercise at least 20 minutes a day it will help you to look younger.


6. Smoking

We all know that smoking is injurious to health but what we don’t know is that smoking makes us looks older. Smoking triggers some enzymes in the body which causes loose balance of skin so people looks older than normal age. Smoking also affects peoples teeth as a result you could loose teeth early in your life & that will definitely make you look older.


5. Sleeping side ways / Sleeping on your face

Shocked?? Yes it’s true. If you sleep on your belly or face, could affect your skin. Research shows that daily 8 hours sleep on your pillow can cause your skin burn. Which makes you looks old.


4. Weakness to Sweetmeat

Sugar causes fat in your every parts of your body. It also contains high calories which helps you gain weight & that will definitely make you look old. Avoid the sugar as much as you can because its not only make you look old but it’ll ruin your shape!


3. Avoiding vegetable & Fruits.

There are so many people who try to avoid vegetable, salad & fruits. If you want to be healthy you must avoid junk food & start taking vegetables & colorful fruits. If you avoid vegetable you’ll look older than your current age.


2. Angriness & Unhappiness

If you can’t forget what happened in the past then you’re just inviting your senescence. If you’re angry at someone and you keep that anger in yourself for a long time it affects your body’s hormone level & that’s why you’ll loose sleep & gain weight. It will increase your blood pressure, blood sugar & chance of diabetes. You’ll look old if you keep your anger in your mind so let go.


1. Using Straw

It’s strange but true. If you use straw to drink it will cause you senescence. Because if you suck a straw your face lines will be much more visible, this will make you look old even though you are not.

There are so many bad habits like taking drugs, excessive thinking, & many bad habits that taking us to the edge. We should avoid all bad habits as soon as possible to look younger or else we’ll look older than we already are.

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