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rare birds (top10 )

Birds are the natural wonders of the world that gives a pleasant feeling to individuals. They were created by the divine hands of the creator, and they Increase the natural beauty. They are the contributor of the ecosystem. They spread the seeds of the plants, help the flowers grow and contribute to the growth of […]

best iPhone apps

top10 best iPhone apps of 2013

You can find millions of apps from app store of iphone. From these apps, we tried to make a list of the top10 best iPhone apps of 2013. You may not know about some of these apps, but much helpful for you. So let’s see the list.

top10 best cms,content management system

A few years earlier to make a complete website, we used only html/css that was so hard and time consuming. To make this easier we got CMS (content management system). There are many CMS are found in www world. These content management systems are too popular to the website developer and publisher for their awesome […]

top 10 fastest planes in the world

The world is getting hot. Ask me why? I think just because of the war. To win these wars everyone need modern technology and finest war equipment. Jet fighter or fighter plane is the most effective equipment for this kind of war. So I will let you know the most powerful and destructive as well […]

Top10 Richest Player In The World

10. Flaoyd Maywheather Flaoyd Maywheather is the no 10 on the list of top10 richest player. He is one of the finest boxers of the world. He is an American boxer and 35 years old. He has a long list of achievements. He has won back to back contest and proved himself to be the […]