Top 10 super centenarian in the world

“Super centenarian” this word is really amazing. Centenarian means that who has passed his/her 110th birthday. I have seen more than 50 super centenarians and found maximum are female (Japan and USA). So it is very good news for the female to be Super centenarian.   Sometime I am astonished when I hear about some people who have seen three century in this world.   There are some people included whose name was not incorporated in Guinness world record because of some weakness of proving. But the representative  of Guinness world records also couldn’t show a strong argument about “their claim regarding the age must be wrong. “  Top 10 oldest people in the world given below, enjoy it and don’t forget to share.


10) Jiroemon Kimura :  He was the first man who was verified as a super centenarian to have  celebrated his 116th birthday . On the other hand he is only one male who has been incorporated in this list.

super centenarian


Birth-date:  19 April 1897

sex:  Male

country:  Japan

Death-date:  12 June 2013

Age:  116 years 54 days

Occupation: Retired postal worker, farmer

Children:  7 Children

Relatives: 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, 15 great-great-grandchildren

Cause of death:  pneumonia


9)Misao  Okawa: She was the second highest Japanese longevity gainer . “Guinness World records “officially recognized her as the oldest living women at the time of her 115th birthday.


super centenarian


Birth-date:  5 March 1898

SEX:Female                                                                                                                                                                   Country:  Japan

Death-date:  Living

Age:  116 years 87 days

Occupation: House wife

Children: 3(2 living)

Relatives: 4 Grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren.

Cause of death: natural causes

8)Besse Cooper:  She was the oldest living women on 21th June , 2011 and she is 8th verified super centenarian as well .


super centenarian


Birth-date: 26 August 1896

Sex:  Female

Country:  United States

Death-date:  4 December 2012

Age:  116 years 100 days

Occupation: Teacher

Children:  4 children

Relatives:  11 Grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren, 2 great great-grandchildren

Cause of death:  Respiratory failure


 7) Elizabeth Bolden:  Elizabeth was the last remaining documented person who born in 1890. She is the only black female enlisted over here.  She is the 7th recorded super centenarian without hesitation.


super centenarian


Birth-date: 15 August 1890

Sex:  Female

Country:  United States

Death-date:  11 December 2006

Age:  116 years 118 days

Occupation: Home maker

Children:  4 children

Relatives: 40 grand children, 75 great-grandchildren, 150 great great-grandchildren, 220 great -great great-grandchildren and 75  great- great –great- great-grandchildren .

Cause of death: stroke


6)Tane Ikai: She was the only perfect oldest female in Asia without hesitation  . She is the 6th super centenarian in this list.


super centenarian


Birth-date: 18 January 1879

Sex:  Female

Country:  Japan

Death-date:  12 July 1995

Age:  116 years 175 days

Occupation:  House wife

Children:  4 children

Relatives:  Numerous

Cause of death: Kidney failure


5) Maria Capovilla:  She was oldest person in the world from 2004 to 2006 and oldest person ever in South America. Now she is 5th super centenarian in the world.


super centenarian


Birth-date: 14 September 1889

Sex:  Female

Country:  Ecuador

Death-date:  27 August 2006

Age:  116 years 347 days

Occupation:  house wife

Children:  5 children

Relatives:  Husband , Antonio Capovilla (1864–1949, aged 85)
(m. 1917–1949; his death)

She had twelve grandchildren, twenty great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Cause of death: Pneumonia


4) Maria Louise Meilleur:   She is oldest Canadian female ever and 4th oldest super centenarian in this list.


super centenarian


Birth-date:  29 August 1880

Sex:  Female

Country:  Canada

Death-date:  16 April 1998

Age:  117 years 230 days

Occupation: house wife

Children:  10 children

Relatives:   She had 85 grandchildren , 80 great- grandchildren, 57 great-great-grandchildren, and four great-great-great-grandchildren

Cause of death: Blood clot


3) Lucy Hannah: Lucy had very interesting family where her mother reached 99 and two of her sister reached 100. There was much confusion about her age, at first it seemed to be 118 but last of all correct age was fixed at 117 years 248 days.  She is 3rd super centenarian in this list .

Birth-date:  16 July 1875

Sex:  Female

Country:  United States

Death-date:  21 March 1993

Age:  117 years 248 days

Occupation: potter

Children:  4 children

Relatives:  numerous

Cause of death: kidney failure


2) Sarah Knauss: She is the oldest leaving person of America and 2nd super centenarian in this list.


super centenarian


Birth-date:   24 September 1880

Sex:  Female

Country:  United States

Death-date:  30 December 1999

Age:  119 years 97 days

Occupation:  seamstress , insurance office manager

 Children:   Kathryn Knauss  Sullivan

Relatives:  numerous

Cause of death:  Natural causes


1) Jeanne Calment:  Unbelievably Calment celebrated her 121st birthday in 1996. Maximum members of her family also got long longevity (her father 93 , mother 86 , older  brother  97) . Her husband died at the age of her 73 after eating spoiled cherries unless he would also get more years.


super centenarian


Birth-date:  21 February 1875

Sex:  Female

Country:  France

Death-date:  4 August 1997

Age:  122 years 164 days

Occupation:  house wife

Children:  only one children named Yvonne Marie Nicolle Calment (20 January 1898 – 19 January 1934) who died at the age of 35 from pneumonia.

Relatives: She had only one grandson Frédéric Billiot who died at age 36 in a car accident

Cause of death:  Natural causes

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