Top 10 Tips For Smartphone Battery Life

Here is a list of top 10 tips which is about smart phone battery life. Ten tips of how to keep charge in your smart phone. Hope this tips can help you to keep your smartphone battery life. Smart phones are look like a computer. Even sometimes we get more opportunity from those smart phones. But there is an objection that the smart phone battery life (charge) finished in a short time. But if you follow some rules it can be possible to keep the battery charge for a long time. Let’s know how to keep the smartphone battery life.

 smartphone battery life, top 10

1. Keep low brightness of your phone screen-

It is very well to keep screen low brightness of phone. For changing brightness we can go to the phone setting or a short cut key also.     

2. Disconnect the radio like WiFi, Bluetooth etc when no need-

GPRS, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth etc have to be disconnected without need. Because this connections try to connect to another connections and then lose some charge.

3. Close the sync notification-

E-mail, Face book, Google plus, Twitter and various applications push notification have to be closed when you don’t use any of those application. They also finished battery charge also.

4. Use WiFi

For using internet WiFi is better than another networking internet like GPRS, 3G. It is proved that WiFi uses less charge. So use WiFi with your phone instead of GPRS, 3G, and 2G etc.

6. Locked your phone when it unused-

You should lock the phone when you don’t use it. You should not use more than one application at a time. Because more than once has used more charge. So use particular application.

7. Stop application after use-

Should be stopped application after use but the processing can be continued and using charge.

8. It is better to keep the phone in air conditioned room-

Never keep the phone extra hot or cool place. The standardized temperature range of a smart phone is 0- 35    

9. Firmware Update-

Use the latest version of mobile phone software, which can help to use the application.

10. External Battery.

Try to keep an external battery with you, because there is bad talk about rapid discharging of Smartphones battery. If you fall in a critical condition you can use that.

Hmm, these are my little top 10 tips for your Smartphones battery. If you follow these rules then you will be able to use your phone without any hesitation of charge. So care your phone and battery and enjoy the smartness.

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