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assassin. lee hervey oswald

Top 10 Assassins In The World

The name assassin was consequent from the Arabic word ‘Hashishin’ or the user of Hashish originally derogatory and wrought for the advertising during the middle ages. The notation of assassin was cited in European origin, writing of Marco Polo


Top 10 Best Wrestlers in the World

When we talk about sports entertainment the first thing that comes to our mind is wrestling. Wrestling is very renown all over the world & wrestlers (wrestling superstars) as well. People pay a lot of money to watch wrestling. There are so

Top 10 super centenarian in the world

“Super centenarian” this word is really amazing. Centenarian means that who has passed his/her 110th birthday. I have seen more than 50 super centenarians and found maximum are female (Japan and USA).

serial killers

Top 10 Female serial killers in The World

Whenever we think of a woman we think of our Mom, Wife, Sisters, and Girlfriends etc. But some of them are twisted and evil, even serial killers! Based on some of their stories many novels were written & movies were made. I am introducing

Top 10 tallest women in the world

This article may be interesting for you and after taking a look at the pictures don’t go through in assumptions that tallest women are aliens. They are just like us but the only difference is that they are too big to compare. It is true that there are some benefits to be taller in our […]

Top 10 Youngest Academy Award winners

It is also known as “Oscar”; on the other hand it is an annual American award ceremony. It was first televised in 1953 and now it is being seen more than 200 countries. Last academy award (86th Academy awards) was held at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on March 2, 2014. Now

Top 10 most expensive painting in the world

Painting is really mysterious to me, especially the best painter’s paint which is really difficult to understand the meaning of it. Just like a picture of Mona Lisa, people express their opinion about this picture differently as per their condition. According to this bestselling list. some paints

Top 10 magics in the world

Magic is really enchanted us.  It is one of the bravado which is embroidered with our eyes.  But it is more interesting, amazing and admirable. It is not easy to present a magic without practice, knowledge and tricks. It is seen that most of the magician are scientist. We can also treat some scientist (Einstein, […]

Best Bollywood Actresses 2013

Top 10 Best Bollywood Actresses 2013

Bollywood is the second largest film industry all over the world. There are lots of beautiful and skilled actresses in this industry. Some are famous for theire beauty and some are for there acting skill. Due to their fame, beauty, and talent here is a list of top 10

serial killers

Top 10 Most Dangerous Serial Killers

We have seen enough movies about serial killers. Maybe most of the film inspired from real life, like psycho. I don’t know why they do this kind of notorious activities. Some of serial killers are mentally disordered, that is off topic but the matter is about

top Hollywood actresses

top Hollywood actresses (top10)

Hollywood is full of talented, glamorous and sexy women. They used to become popular because of their excellent performance, gorgeous figure, perfect skin as well as expressive eyes. There are lots of actresses in Hollywood. But the following are top Hollywood actress in 20013 who proved themselves by time and made their place in top […]

Top10 Richest Player In The World

10. Flaoyd Maywheather Flaoyd Maywheather is the no 10 on the list of top10 richest player. He is one of the finest boxers of the world. He is an American boxer and 35 years old. He has a long list of achievements. He has won back to back contest and proved himself to be the […]