dangerous roads, jalalabad road

Top 10 Dangerous Roads in The World

There is a list which is shown below most dangerous roads in the world, which occurred lots of accident and killed many human. These dangerous roads are the death path of the human life. Everybody knows these roads have many scary and frightened turn. Read more »

Top 10 wonderful gift of nature

Nature is all time attractive and unprecedented.  There are huge wonderful place in the world. We know few about them and maximum are still unknown. Today we will describe about 10 place of the world which exists in the world.

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Best Beaches in the World, whitehaven beach

Top 10 Best Beaches in The World You Should Go

When we think to go vacation the obvious place which comes in our mind is definitely beaches. Blue sky, waves, the sun, beaches have an irresistible allure. There are lots of beaches in the world. But here is a list of best beaches in the world. Read more »

most expensive house, manor

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in The World

There are lots of expensive house in the world. But all are not can be listed. Some of the greatest, largest and most expensive houses are in our list. To build these houses owner had spent lots of money. Lots of creativity applies to build their house also. Here is a Read more »

Top 10 ways to be a happy

There are different ways to be  happy in life . Different people has different preference whereas it is depend on  attitude, position and aim . To be a happy human sometime you have to use some strategy which not only make you happy but also it will become interesting  for everyone .Some of them has been depicted by Read more »

Best Bollywood Actresses 2013

Top 10 Best Bollywood Actresses 2013

Bollywood is the second largest film industry all over the world. There are lots of beautiful and skilled actresses in this industry. Some are famous for theire beauty and some are for there acting skill. Due to their fame, beauty, and talent here is a list of top 10 Read more »

Top 10 photograph those make you cry

One photograph is enough for changing a human’s emotion. It can make you laugh through the crucial moment or make you cry for feeling it from the core of your heart.  Only even just for an image you will be exasperated and as well as you will be terrified. Some Read more »

eyesight, top 10

How to Improve Eyesight (top 10)

Eyes power reduces according to the growth of age. As a result some cannot see the near sight. The result of this disease, people cannot identify the other people face, drive car and many more activities. If this disease can be identified at primary stage, it can be possible to protect the Read more »

relation, top 10

Top 10 way To retain your relationship

Recently it is being seen that relationship is made so easily but brake up more than rapidly rather than making a strong foundation. Sometime we didn’t care about miniature occurrence and inadvertently this small thing becomes more offensive, and for this Read more »

serial killers

Top 10 Most Dangerous Serial Killers

We have seen enough movies about serial killers. Maybe most of the film inspired from real life, like psycho. I don’t know why they do this kind of notorious activities. Some of serial killers are mentally disordered, that is off topic but the matter is about Read more »

Top 10 Music in 2014 So Far

I’m a music lover boy. I always prefer the better combination between music and voice; it is not a matter for consideration to me whether it is hip hop or folk.  I found different types of music in YouTube where old famous singers have got priority and  they have been given into top 10 position .But my selection is little bit different from them.  I listened   all of the songs from the list of top 50 songs till Read more »

healthy tips

Healthy Tips (top 10)

We lead a busy life that’s why we can’t take care of our health properly. For this reason we face lots of physical problem. To cure our problem here is a  top 10 healthy tips list. If we become conscious about our health then, we have to follow the following healthy tips.  Read more »

Children story book (top 10)

Actually 2013 were children’s year, especially for story books. Many awesome story books have published in this year. This year approximately 45-50 books have published on children story books. All books were excellent, so it was so difficult to choose 10 from them. But by gathering information from the different kind of website and from my little sense, Read more »

fastest trains

Top 10 Fastest Trains in the world

Necessity is the main reason of invention. Science and Technology make our life easy and amazing. Train is one of the most wonderful inventions of Science. In 1804 Richard Trevithick invented first stream powered engine. But the technologies have now come up with fastest trains with speed of Read more »

attract, top10

How to Attract Your Wife (top10)

Every husband wants to get attention of their wives. He wants to stay in the world of thought of his wife, expects wife only love himself. But all husbands are not that kind of fortunate. It will be possible to get love if you follow some rules. Here is a tip’s list how to attract your wife. Read more »

Beautiful Butterfly (top 10)

This beautiful butterfly is one of the greatest examples of God’s art. People are astonished by their beautiful color matching .This beautiful butterfly is not only surrounded by different kind of color but also the planned design, which is really outstanding. When we see a beautiful butterfly be seated on the flower then we can describe it as a view of Heaven. Most beautiful among them are given below. Read more »

top Hollywood actresses

top Hollywood actresses (top10)

Hollywood is full of talented, glamorous and sexy women. They used to become popular because of their excellent performance, gorgeous figure, perfect skin as well as expressive eyes. There are lots of actresses in Hollywood. But the following are top Hollywood actress in 20013 who proved themselves by time and made their place in top 10 Hollywood actresses list. Read more »

Top10 best lie on Internet

Now these days many more incident and picture are spread out over the internet. But we know this incident in different way. Some of  these photo or incident are true, some are not. You will be shocked by knowing about those incident. Let’s go to know the real fact from those lie incident or photos. Read more »