Top 10 magics in the world

Magic is really enchanted us.  It is one of the bravado which is embroidered with our eyes.  But it is more interesting, amazing and admirable. It is not easy to present a magic without practice, knowledge and tricks. It is seen that most of the magician are scientist. We can also treat some scientist (Einstein, Newton, and Edison) as the great magician. In recent year I have been astonished to see the outstanding tricks of some magic which were really unbelievable.  Top  10 among them are given below .


10. Richard rose (linking rings):  Richard is a Dutch magician and brilliant Proficiency of hand ability. He is really skilled, creative for doing something so quickly .All time he carry the audience with him by some unbelievable magical tricks. This trick was performed in 1983 and still it is famous now. He has other tricks named Multiplying clocks.

9)David Blaine (Teeth) :   David Blaine is an unbelievable illusionist and as well as an endurance artist . Some of his tricks is really horrible and hard to believe. He has one of the tricks about teeth. He disappeared a woman’s teeth and after sometime reappeared it again.


8)Paul Daniels (Chop Cup): Paul Daniels is an English performer who was famous by performing  through TV performance , live shows and program. Chop Cup was fast, interactive and marvelous performance.


7) Harry Blackstone Jr  (Floating Light bulb):  He is a son of Harry Blackstone Sr who was also the great black magician sadly died in  1997 . The main purpose of this magic is to turn on light of a bulb without taking any help of electricity.


6)Lance Burton (doves ): In this world there are a lot of magic with doves but Lance Burton’s magic is little bit  different from them . He is award gainer magician and got from Louisville.


5)Criss Angel (walking of water) :  He is famous for his shows Mindfreak, Believe and Phenomenon . He is a darkest magician who performed some magic like pulling women in half and getting himself run over by the stream roller.


4) David Copperfield vanishing statue of Liberty:   Maximum people of the world call him number one magician of the world. Actually there is some reason for that.  When you will see a person who easily disburse a big statue of liberty and can fly when he want, then it will induce you easily to call him the great artist.


3) The pendragons Metamorphosis:  It is a magic team which has been created by husband and wife. Jonathan pendragon is a dangerous magic tricks and they acquaint it in 2006. It is steel treated as the fastest trick of history.

2)Penn and Teller  (Bullet catch) :  An awesome trick of catching bullet . It is not only unbelievable but also dangerous trick. Just take a look below_


1)David  Copperfield  (death saw) :Another  outstanding performance of David Copperfield.  Selling over 400 million tickets for watching  this trick. For this tricks Copperfield got 10 Guinness world record, 20 Emmy awards, a living legend award and numerous other.

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