How to Improve Eyesight (top 10)

Eyes power reduces according to the growth of age. As a result some cannot see the near sight. The result of this disease, people cannot identify the other people face, drive car and many more activities. If this disease can be identified at primary stage, it can be possible to protect the eyesight. At first you have to care your eye. Here is a list about how to improve eyesight of ours.

 eyesight, top 10

1. Examine your eyes regularly.

2. Avoid the fatty and fried food.

3. Eat lots of green vegetables, antioxidant full food and lycopene full food etc like tomato.

4. Do, some exercise regularly.

5. Lead your life with a long distance of smoking.

6. Winter, summer even all seasons, use sun glass in the sun. Ultra violet ray and Blu ray harmed your retina.

7. Control your high blood pressure and diabetics;

 Let’s know when you have to go to the doctor.

8. When you feel any problem with your eyesight then you have to go to the doctor.

9. If you don’t see your near sight, cannot see clearly other face or cannot identify colors then you have to go to the doctor.

10. To keep eye fit eat small fish, sweet pumpkins etc.

If we follow these rules maybe we can improve lots of our eye problem. Eyes are our main asset to see the world and its beauty. So, we have to follow how to improve eyesight rules.

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