Identify birds of the world (top 10)

Bird is one of the most beautiful creations of God. Birds are really adorable for their size and color. There are different kinds of identify birds which are remarkable for their different characteristic such as some of them are delicious, some of them are beautiful and some of can imitate clearly humans voice. Now here 10 of them are given through their specialty like singing and special color effect.


 Top 10 most beautiful identify birds in the world

10)Lorievye  parrots : One of the most beautiful identify birds which are colorful , adorable and obedient . The color of most of  identify birds in this species are usually a mixture of blue, green, yellow and red. These identify birds are actually available in Australia, New Guinea, Indonesia and the Philippines.


Identify birds


9) American Kestrel: It is known as the Sparrow Hawk. This identify birds  are at 19-21 cm long.  The female bird can lays approximately three to seven eggs. Grasshoppers, lizards, mice and small birds are the main diet of them. This identify birds are most common in Mexico, Caribbean, Canada and America.

Identify birds


8) Atlantic Puffin: This identify birds are also known as the Common Puffin and it’s actually seabird in the auk family. They swim on the sea and feed small fish; they catch it by diving underwater by their wings for propulsion. This identify birds are more common in Norway, Greenland, Newfoundland.

7) Grey Crowned Crane: It is a beautiful dancing bird lives in west and east Africa. This identify birds are mostly found in cultivated lands, marshes and grassy flat lands near rivers .Uganda, Kenya and South Africa are the habitat place of these birds.

Identify birds

6) Northern Cardinal: It is North American identify birds and also known as redbird. Actually it is a song bird with a body length of 8.3 inches .This identify birds are mostly found in United States, Mexico and Canada.

Identify birds

5) Kingfisher: It is a brightly colored bird found outside of the Americas. This identify birds  are three type , such as tree kingfishers, river kingfishers, and water kingfishers .Despite of numerous  species, they are hardly to see .

4) Red Macaw: Macaw is an awesome bird which was hunted by Indians. Especially this identify birds  are very delicious food and It’s feather is useful to decorate and tail booms .It is found in Mexico, Amazonian Peru , Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil.

3) Mandarin: This identify birds are also called wood ducks.  It is mostly found in China. Hunting Mandarin is totally prohibited .The size of an adult is approximately between 66 to 73 cm.

Identify birds

2) Paradise tanager: This identify birds  are  song birds and brilliantly multicolored. Its approximate length varies between 13.5  to  15 cm.  This identify birds are  found mainly in South America ,Venezuela , Peru , Colombia ,Ecuador ,Bolivia, Brazil ,  Guiana  and so on .

1) Peacock: Peacock is actually the name of male one and the females name peahen. The main attractive thing is actually its feathers. Thousands of glimmering colored is seen by




shining light on the feathers, which is really outstanding. This identify birds  are originally found in India.


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