Healthy Tips (top 10)

We lead a busy life that’s why we can’t take care of our health properly. For this reason we face lots of physical problem. To cure our problem here is a  top 10 healthy tips list. If we become conscious about our health then, we have to follow the following healthy tips. 

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1. Never forget to take breakfast. There are no alternatives to take breakfast to active whole day long. Toasts, fruits, vegetables, butter and milk can be taken as breakfast. It is most effective tip in our healthy tips list.

02. Make habit to eat vegetables and fruits because these foods are the source of vitamins, minerals etc. Everyday we should eat two cups fruits, two and half cup vegetables.

03. For good health we have to take limited protein not extra. (55-100 grams according to weight)

04. Physical exercise control weight and high blood pressure. So try to maintain physical exercise every day.

05. We have to conscious about the food value. Have to avoid extra fatty food and need to take that food, which is full of calorie.

06. To decrease weight and blood pressure, discuss with specialist.

07. We have to aware about food poisoning, cleanliness and cooking food in right way.

08. Take homemade food and avoid fast and spicy fry food .

09. Always drink pure water  and maintain quantity (Men- 13 cup, Women 9 cup).

10. Lead a tension free life because tension increase blood pressure, diabetics and many more physical difficulties.

At last to keep body fit go to bed early and sleep properly (06 08 hours daily.)

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