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gastric acidity

Top 10 Symptoms of Gastric Acidity

We eat so that we can live. But it would be excruciating for us when gastric acidity arise with different superfluous factors and exhibits with numerous symptoms including mal-digestion, gastric disorder and severe physical anomalies. Gastric acidity is


Top 10 Rules to Save Kidney

Kidney is the most important part in our body. It is also needy element of our body like others. If any effect is noticed in kidney many problem can be seen in our body. So to save kidney we can follow many rules. Here is a list of ten reasons which can be followed to […]

Cancer (Top 10)

Top 10 dangerous cancer All cancers are danger and treat as a threat on life . How way It’ll be healed that actually depend on it’s stage .Two things are  the common cause of all kind of cancer and they are  obviously smoking cigaret  and drinking alcohol .From among them ten important cancers risk factor,symptom,diagnostic […]