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home remedies for skin tags

Top 10 Home remedies for skin tags

Skin tags may appear on various parts of the human body which are soft, non cancerous skin outgrowths. They cause great suffering when they are located at difficult spots on skin. Skin tags occur mostly on eyelids, neck, chest, face, lower part

top 10, weight-Loss

Top 10 weight loss tips

Overweight or obesity is a burden for personal as well as social life as it deals with some diseases condition i.e. diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease which put a risk to life. Weight loss is recognized with some changes in lifestyle and adjusting the calorie need with expenditure more

bad habits, getting older

Top 10 Bad Habits That Make Us Look Older

When our age increases we look old as the days pass by. There are some people who are just thirty but look older than that age & there are some who looks thirty even though they are over forty. There are some bad habits that force

eyesight, top 10

How to Improve Eyesight (top 10)

Eyes power reduces according to the growth of age. As a result some cannot see the near sight. The result of this disease, people cannot identify the other people face, drive car and many more activities. If this disease can be identified at primary stage, it can be possible to protect the

healthy tips

Healthy Tips (top 10)

We lead a busy life that’s why we can’t take care of our health properly. For this reason we face lots of physical problem. To cure our problem here is a  top 10 healthy tips list. If we become conscious about our health then, we have to follow the following healthy tips.