Top 10 ways to be a happy

There are different ways to be  happy in life . Different people has different preference whereas it is depend on  attitude, position and aim . To be a happy human sometime you have to use some strategy which not only make you happy but also it will become interesting  for everyone .Some of them has been depicted by this article .





(1)Do not interfere:  we create most of the problems of our lives by interfering on others life or activities without having any reasons. Do not try to control on others path. Because Allah (SWT) created the human beings differently with different sights from one to one.


(2)Do not remember after forgive: Forgiveness is a great sign, but it’s not great if you feel it is in everyone. Not enough time in life to waste a trip. Forgive, forget, and know ahead. Remember, Love is blooming in the fall whether he or she could forget.


(3)Do not wish for recognition: The world is full of selfish people. Today you are getting the appreciation because of you have the ability, when it will fly away they will not hesitate to throw. But why you just destroy the soul of your insides for the recognition? You do your work, go to the appropriate way.


(4)Buried your envy: Do not envy anyone ever achieves. Jealousy buried the gains of people. It is a major cause to destroy our peace of mind.


(5)Change yourself first: If you want to change the environment around you, then change yourself. If you suddenly want to change the environment around you, then it may be quite difficult and time consuming, and most of the time prevented the matter is – you’ll fail it. Adapt yourself to the environment around it. Then proceed at all with the change.


(6)When you do not get rid of, please bear it: Every day we are faced with the problem which is beyond our control. Think we can reach a solution to the problems which does not come out finally and we waste our valuable time. For peace we need to tolerate our some small problems.


(7)Avoid working over the limit: Many of us have a responsibility to work beyond the scope of our desires or wishes. Unnecessarily we take the work load from the fear of disrespect.


(8)Remember Allah/God (SWT): Remember the Allah/God (SWT) all the time. Seek for his grace and help.  It will increase the speed of your work, and more work in less time will help to complete. Allah is helping- do think that many times increases the stability of mind.


(9)Never keep your mind Empty: There is a saying that “Empty brain is a factory of devils” So that never keep your mind empty. As soon as you get the chance to make yourself busy that releases you from bad thinking.


(10)Stop worrying about past:  Forget the bitter memories of the past and go forward. It will stop down your future. A wise person does not hold the past, whether he or she learns from the past and bring the change for future.

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