Top 10 Dangerous Roads in The World

There is a list which is shown below most dangerous roads in the world, which occurred lots of accident and killed many human. These dangerous roads are the death path of the human life. Everybody knows these roads have many scary and frightened turn. There are lots of site which tell you about dangerous roads in the world. However here is a list of top 10 dangerous roads in the world which are really scary and most famous also.  


10. Stelvio Pass, Italy.

Dangerous Roads,Stelvio Pass, Italy.

 Stelvio Pass located in the Italian Alps. The road forms a zig zag path with 48 sharp turns causing majority of accidents. It was built from 1820 to 1825 by Austrian Empire. It was called as one of the longest winding roads in Europe. Those who have height fovea please don’t try to look in the valley from the top. This view of these gorgeous roads is so scary. Due to its structure and scariness it is listed on the number 10 in our top ten dangerous roads list.


09. Siberian Road, Russia.

dangerous roads, Siberian Road, Russia.

 Siberian Road is one of the dangerous roads in the world. During winter seasons it is especially dangerous and scary. This road is located in Siberia to Yakutsh. The conditions of the winter make the road very dangerous to move on with heavy snow, ice and little visibility. It gets too cold with temperatures average – 45 degree Fahrenheit that the road is frozen solid. The other name of this road is “Lena” and not modernized. During monsoon the road succumbs to bad condition. So if you want to go to Yukatsk you think when you will go, you only have about two months out of the year.   


08. Halsema Highway, Philippines  

dangerous roads, Halsema Highway, Philippines     

 Halsema Highway is one of the most deadliest and dangerous roads in the world. It is located in Philippines that connect the Baguio and Benguet Provinces to Northern Luzon. Landslides, Mud slides and falling rocks are common along this road. This road is approximately 150 miles long and takes about ten hours to journey from Baguio city to Sagada on a suitable day. This dangerous highway is the highest highway in the Philippines in terms of altitude which is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the planet earth. The roads are very narrow and it is the matter of fortune that, there are safety devices installed on the road and still traffic consisting mainly of occasional private cars and motor cycles and few buses which know every twist and sharp bends in the roads. A few number accidents occur daily in this highway. If you want to travel in Halsema Highway you have to be well prepared and sure to a travel guides for traveling. Due to its lots of difficulties it is placed on number 8 in our top 10 dangerous roads list.


07. James Dalton Highway, USA. 

dangerous roads, James Dalton Highway.

James Dalton Highway is also one of the dangerous roads in the planet earth. This highway built the 360 miles haul road, now the James Dalton Highway is 414 –miles gravel road in Alaska. The northern 360 miles of the road, in 1974 starting at the Yukon River were built in only five months. Dalton highway was built for the supply road to support the Trans –Alaska pipeline system in 1947. It is extremely troublesome for truck drivers to navigate. The road is as a no man’s land and difficult to spot human civilization. If you want to travels this dangerous road, make sure you have extra food, fuel, CB radio and other supplies for survival because it is a dead zone. That’s why it is listed in our top 10 dangerous roads list and placed on number 07.


06. Leh Manali Highway, India.

dangerous roads, Leh Manali Highway, India.

The Leh Manali highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world and highest and hilly also. It is located in the India where large number of vehicles runs day by day which is connected between cities of Leh and Manali in India. This dangerous road was built by whole Indian Army. They designed, constructed and maintained the highway also. Normally two days takes for the adventures along the road and it is troublesome. So all travelers should be well prepared because there are lots of difficulties and they are advised to stack oxygen cylinders for oxygen deprivation. For these reasons this highway is placed on number 6 in our top 10 dangerous roads list.

05. Jalalabad Road, Afghanistan.

dangerous roads, Jalalabad Road, Afghanistan.

 Jalalabad Road is located in Afghanistan and one of the Afghanistan primary roads linking Jalalabad to Kabul. It is also one of the most dangerous roads in the world. This road is combination of narrow, winding, lanes which climb up to 600 meters and that’s way the death rating of Afghanistan is much higher in accident more than other countries. Lots of accidents have been occurred in this highway. Strangers will be faced lots of difficulties as far as possible you have to avoid traveling on your own. So it is best to hire a local driver for traveling. Due to its difficulties, unfavorable ness, risks, it is placed on number 5 in our top 10 dangerous roads list.


04. Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan.

dangerous roads, Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan.

 Fairy Meadows is one of the highest mountains in the world and one of the most dangerous roads also. It is located at the base of Nanga Parbat in Pakistan and at the end of Himalaya. This is a thrilling and marvelous destination for polo lovers, back packers, and mountain climbers spending couple of days as well as enjoying the natural beauties. The superlative dangerous part of the road up to Fairy Meadow involves a narrow 6 miles ascend on an unpaved and uneven road. To protect a vehicle from falling off the cliff and into the gorge there are no barriers. So if you want to get travels to Fairy Meadows you have to be well prepared. This road is not for the faint of hear, they should never visit to Fairy Meadows in their life. That’s why this road is placed on number 4 in our top ten dangerous roads list.


03. Sichuan Road, China.

dangerous roads, Sichuan Road, China.

 Sichuan road is located in China which is connects Chengdu and Tibet is about 15000 miles long. This dangerous road was built in April 1950 and opened to the people on 25th December 1954. You can enjoy the beautiful changing view from the spring to the winter. Due to landslides and rock avalanches –many accidents has been occurred by car and caused many deaths. This highway spreads across fourteen high mountains and dozens of rivers like- Dadu River, Lantsang River and Jinsha River.


02. Guoliang Tunnel Road, China. 

dangerous roads, Guoliang Tunnel Road, China.

 Guoliang Tunnel Road is located in the taihang which are situated in the Henan Province of China. This small village sits on the mountaintop and far away from civil life. This dangerous road was built in 1972 and it took 5 years to complete by local villagers. This tunnel is also known as “The Long Corridor in Cliffs”.  There are lots of boards which are carry lots of information about Guliang Tunnel. It is 1.3 kilometers long, 12 feet wide and 15 feet high, best would wish this journey ended in 1.3 seconds.  This tunnel is really extreme scary. It has 30 windows to watch the scenes. To drive through the tunnel the cars headlights should be always on. For these reasons the scary tunnel listed on number two in our top ten dangerous roads list.


01. Yungas Road, Bolivia.     

dangerous roads, Yungas Road, Bolivia.

Without listed dangerous road there are many more roads which also deadliest, but all are not can be listed. These listed roads are really dangerous roads in the world which causes lots of   death every year. So to travel these highways be ready and have to be prepared very well with proper equipments.   

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