Cancer (Top 10)

Top 10 dangerous cancer

All cancers are danger and treat as a threat on life . How way It’ll be healed that actually depend on it’s stage .Two things are  the common cause of all kind of cancer and they are  obviously smoking cigaret  and drinking alcohol .From among them ten important cancers risk factor,symptom,diagnostic tools,drug therapies,preventive diet and diet control are given below

(1)   BRAIN CANCER :Brain tumor is most common cancer which abnormally growth within the sell of the brain .


RISK FACTOR : Increasing age,Radiation exposure,Exposure to pesticides,herbicides,fertilizer,Genetics,Epstein-Barr virus

SYMPTOM:Headaches ,Seizures,Nausea ,loss of feeling in leg,Drowsiness,Change in personality,change in speech,change in hearing,lack of coordination,change in memory

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:CT scan, Pet scan,imaging tests,magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS),Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fmri),Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI),Angiogram, Brain scan.

DRUG THERAPIES :Steroids,Anticonvulsants ,Radiation therapy,Chemotherapy,Brachytherapy , Bevacizumb(avastin)

PREVENTIVE DIET: Olive oil, broccoli,cooked vegetable,Omega 3-s,Tomatoes,green tea,Vitamin D,

DIET CONTROL:Alcohol, Smoking

(2) BLOOD CANCER : Blood, Bone Narrow,Lymphatic system are attracted by blood cancer . It is a danger factor for every age .It’s so different from other .  Another name of it LEUKEMIA .


CAUSES:Radiation,Exposure of Chemical (benzene),HTLV, genetic factor,CARCINOGENS,a weakened immune system,

SYMPTOM:Fatigue,bruising,Fever,wight loss,headaches,visual difficulties,delirium and confusion,difficulties urination,coughing and chest pain .

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:Blood test,Bone narrow test,Lumber puncture,biopsy,X-rays.

PREVENTIVE DIET:VITAMIN K ,Avocados,Banana, and yogurt,,green tea, high fiber foods, pomegranates juice, olive oil,grilled fish and selenium,Broccoli,Brussels sprouts,cabbage,collard greens,cucumber peel,endive,green scallion,lettuce,mustard greens, spinach, turnip green and watercress , onion,BLUE BERRY AND SWEET POTATO ,CARROTS.

DIET CONTROL:Garlic,animal product,cooked food(egg,meat).

(3)    EYE CANCER:Eye cancer which occur any part of the eyes especially melanoma part of the eyes . It’s risky for both of adult and child . It is so rare kind of cancer


CAUSES:from coloring eyes,large number of moles,excessive sunlight,Ultra violet radiation,genetics .

SYMPTOM:Blurred vision,floaters,dark color of iris,bulging eyes,painful eye,loss of peripheral vision .

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:,Imaging studies,Ophthalmoscopy,Ultrasound scan , Biopsy of the cancer, CT scan ,Fluorescein angiography,MRI,A PET scan,Routine blood tests,

PREVENTIVE DIET:Pistachios,  olive vegetables,Ostrich,carrot,Turkey,sweet potato, Spinach,wild salmon and sardines,zucchini,broccoli, Garlic and Onion,blue-berries,Apricots,Apple,walnuts,yogurt,

DIET CONTROL:Junk food,Candies,Chips,cookies,some nuts,Margarine,Fried foods etc .

(4) BLADDER CANCER :It’s a cancer of a bladder which store Urine .Approximately A bladder can store 2 cup Urine . Male and Female both can effected by this cancer.


CAUSES:Smoking, Exposure to chemicals at work,age,gender,infection,previous treatment of cancer,Arsenic,earlier treatment,drinking enough liquid,bladder stone.

SYMPTOM:Blood in the Urine, pain in the urinary ,Abdominal pain,Lost of appetite , lost of weight.

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:Cystoscopy,Urine test,CT urography,Bladder wash,Biography,Biopsy,Ultrasound,MR Urography , ,MR Lymphography, TUR,,Bone scan,

PREVENTIVE DIET:Cranberry juice,Green tea,Tomatoes,Almonds,Antioxidant,broccoli ,Nuts,cauliflower,Brussels,sprouts,kale.

DIET CONTROL:Alcohol ,smoking, drinking enough liquid,.pork,barbecued meats,excessive

(5)COLON CANCER : It’s just like a tumor  which take place within wall of the colon . Another name of it Bowel cancer .


CAUSES : Age,Alcohol, smoking, Family history, Diabetes, diet, environment, gender(mostly women),etc

SYMPTOM: Blood in stool, Thin stool, Constipation ,Abdominal pain,long time loose motion ,weight loss, vomiting,Rectal pain,fatigue etc.

DIAGNOSIS TOOLS: Blood tests, Colonoscopy , Sigmoidoscopy,biopsy,Ct scan, endoscopy .

PREVENTIVE DIETS :Surgery to prevent cancer,Celecoxib,Aspirin, ,dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, Brussels, sprouts, Potatoes, squash, broccoli, Omega 3 fats  (Salmon, Tuna, Walnuts, mackerel, Sardines, Flaxseeds and Conola oil.

DIETS CONTROL:Smoking and Alcohol,Read meat,butter,dairy foods,Coconut,Palm oil

(6) LIVER CANCER: It’s just like a tumor which take place within the liver . It is also known as Hepatic cancer.


R ISK FACTOR: Smoking,Alcohol, hepatitis B OR C, diabetes,low immunity,anabolic steroids,contraceptive pill, Aflatoxin, Arsenic,betel quid,body weight,family history ,etc.

SYMPTOM :Fatigue,swollen leg ,vomiting, lose of appetite,high temperature,jaundice ,itchy.etc.

DIAGNOSIS  TOOLS :Biopsy,Ct scan ,EUS, PET scan,Blood test,etc.

PREVENTIVE DIETS :Avocados,Banana,milk and yogurt,white meat,green tea, high fiber foods, pomegranates juice, olive oil,grilled fish,take vitamin c,e and selenium,etc .

DIETS  CONTROL:Alcohol, animal and trans fat,rad meat,smoking,etc.

(7) STOMACH CANCER: It’s just like a malignant tumor which take place lining  of the stomach .Another name of it Gastric cancer .


CAUSES :Smoking and drinking,age,gender(mostly women),family history,acid reflux,diet(over take salt),pernicious anemia,Halicobacter pylori .

SYMPTOM :Indigestion,just like bloated,loss of appetite, vomiting(sometime with blood),stomach pain,Bloody face,weight loss,swelling lump in stomach area,anemia, etc.

DIAGNOSIS TOOLS :Blood tests,Gastroscopy,Biopsy,Barium swallow and meat,Ultrasound,MRI,CT scan.

PREVENTIVE DIETS :Chili peppers ,jalapenos,Garlic,milk,eggs,cheese,gravies,bread,calcium and vitamin D,margarine,butter,dried fruit,red meat,green leafy vegetables ,cracker or dry toast(for vomiting problem),

DIETS CONTROL :sweet, sour foods,Alcohol,smoking,etc.

(8) THYROID CANCER :Thyroid gland located front side of the neck . Thyroid cancer is a tumor on the thyroid gland.

thyroid cancer

RISK FACTOR:Age(wiomen40-50,men60-70),family history.radiation,acromegaly, benign thyroid disease,previous breast condition.

SYMPTOM :Hoarseness, swallowing,difficulty breathing,throat pain,neck pain,voice change .

DIAGNOSIS TOOLS :Radionuclide examination,Laboratory examination, Ultrasound,Cytology,Xray,CT scan,

PREVENTIVE DIETS :,calcium and Vitamin D

DIETS CONTROL :Molasses,Soy products,seafood,milks,eggs,Alcohol and smoking,corned foods.

(9) VAGINAL CANCER:This cancer located in the tissue of Vagina .Main place is upper area of the vagina . It is so rare cancer .

vaginal cancer

RISK FACTOR :A drug called diethylstibestrol, Organ transplant, HIV infection,smoking,womb cancer treatment,cancer of the cervix,changing in the vagina cell,papilloma virus infection,age.

SYMPTOM: Painful Urination, Constipation,Unusual vaginal bleeding,watery vaginal discharge,A lump in the vagina,bleeding after sexual intercourse .

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:Biopsy,Colposcopy, chest X-rey ,CT scan,

PREVENTIVE DIET:Spinach,Onions,Lima beans,Lettuce,Apple,Asparagus,black beans,Broccoli,Brussels sprouts,Cabbage,Cranberries,Garlic,Soy,Avocados,Chickpeas,Fortified cereals and breads,Lentils,Orange juice,Romaine lettuce ,Strawberries,Carotenoids,Vitamin A,C,E AND fOLIC ACID

DIET CONTROL:Raw eggs and raw meats,Smoking ,Alcohol

(10) TONGUE CANCER OR TUMOR :Cancer can develop any part of the tongue such as oral or base part .

tongue cance

RISK FACTOR :Heavy alcohol consumption , chewing gum, smoking, Sex : male, poor oral and dental hygiene , age: 40 and over, Irritation of the mucous membranes in the mouth due to smoking and drinking,Risky sexy behavior, history of mouth ulcers , Family history due to genetic predisposition.

SYMPTOM:Sore spot,sore throat,red of white patch,pain when swelling, pain in the eare (rare).

DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS:Mucosal staining, chemiluminescent staining,Biopsy,Exfoliative cytology ,Conventional incisional biopsy,Fine-needle-aspiration biopsy,Imaging,C T scan,Positron Emission tomograpy , Magnetic resonance Imaging,Chest and Dental X-ray, Barium swallow,Endoscopy .

PREVENTIVE DIET:Green vegetable ,Carrot and pepper ,beans,berries,cabbage,broccoli,flaxsees,garlic,grapes,grenn tea,soy ,tomatoes,garlic,ginger and curry powder,Fruit (Apple,Orange,Banana,Watermelon, )

DIET CONTROL:Tobacco(smoking and chewing) , Alcohol .


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