Beautiful Butterfly (top 10)

This beautiful butterfly is one of the greatest examples of God’s art. People are astonished by their beautiful color matching .This beautiful butterfly is not only surrounded by different kind of color but also the planned design, which is really outstanding. When we see a beautiful butterfly be seated on the flower then we can describe it as a view of Heaven. Most beautiful among them are given below.


10) Glasswinged-butterfly-Greta-oto: It is a brush-footed butterfly, which included of the subfamily Danainae, tribe Ithomini and subtribe Godyridina . There are some interesting behavior among them such as long migrations and lekking among males. Main attracting thing of its wings which are translucent  with a wingspan of 5.6 to 6.1 cm. It is also known as  “Espejitos”.

Beautiful Butterfly

9)Eighty-eight butterfly: It is also known as Diaethria Anna which is included of Nymphalidae family. The name Eighty-eight came from the clear 88 marks on its wings. It is a wet tropical forests butterfly, mainly found in America.

beautiful butterfly, eighty eight butterfly

8)Anomalous Common Nawab Butterfly: It is a fast flying beautiful canopy butterfly, which is also included of Nymphalidae family. It is mostly found in tropical Asia, basically in India at Kashmir.

Beautiful Butterfly

7)Karner Blue Butterfly : It is a  blue color’s beautiful butterfly whose life cycle depend on the wild blue lupine flower . This beautiful butterfly mostly found in New Jersey, New Hampshire and New York.

6)Monarch Butterfly: It is a milkweed butterfly, which is known as North American butterfly. It is included of Nymphalidae family and mostly found in America, New Zealand and Australia.

Beautiful Butterfly

5) Alpine-Black-Swallowtail-Papilio-maacki: A beautiful butterfly of Papilionidae family. It is one of the biggest butterflies with 70-80 wingspans. It is mostly found in Japan, China and South Korea.

4) Blue Pansy Butterfly: It is a beautiful African butterfly included of  Nymphalidae family .It is also known as Junonia orithya . It is also found in India and Australia.


3) Leopard Lacewing Butterfly: Another beautiful butterfly of Nymphalidae family. It is mostly found in India, China and Indochina.

2) Common Jezebel Butterfly: It is a medium sized pierid butterfly, which is included of Pieridae family. It has approximately 225 species and it is mostly found in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

Beautiful Butterfly

1)Goliath Birdwing Butterfly : It is also one of the largest beautiful butterflies of the world , which is included of Papilionidae family.

Beautiful Butterfly

It has three Genus such as Trogonoptera. Troides and  Ornithoptera. It is mostly found in Southeast Asia and Australia.

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