How to Attract Your Wife (top10)

Every husband wants to get attention of their wives. He wants to stay in the world of thought of his wife, expects wife only love himself. But all husbands are not that kind of fortunate. It will be possible to get love if you follow some rules. Here is a tip’s list how to attract your wife.

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01. When you talk with your wife, you have to look at her eyes and not at all here and there. It’s the first rule to attract a wife to a husband.

02. Lead your life with succession and clean. Use perfume because all women like to see her partner’s arranged and perfumed wear. To attract your wife you can follow this rule also with another.

03. Help your wife in her various work fields. Every sincere girl is attracted by her associates. This is the third rule to attract your wife.

04. You have to be social to your wife’s friends. Usually girls like social and friendly boys. This fourth rule is so amazing effective to attract your wife.

05. When you stay together with your wife, you have to try to avoid the phone conversation with any other. On the other hand, when you talk with your wife in phone you have to conscious about her and show the concentration to her. It’s the fifth rule to attract a wife to a husband.

06. Girls always like discussion about herself. So, you have to try discussing her likes, favorite activities, beauties, etc. To attract your wife you may follow this rule as well.

07. When you go together in many places, go before their and welcome her on the entrance. Every girl will like this. This is the effective rule to attract a wife.

08. Praise her beauty. Example – you are looking gorgeous with this dress, your style is so cool. This is most effective rule to attract a wife to own self.

09. When you make any decision in many matters you have to discuss with your wife. Show respect on her opinion. This ninth rule is also so amazing effective to attract your wife.

10. Tell her about her positive attitude. Example- you are always smiley, you do always well, you are always positive etc. To attract your wife you can also follow this rule.

If you follow these rules you will be attracted to your wife and she will be positive about you.

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  1. Abison says:

    Dear sir,
    If we always praise her, I think she will never like if we try to correct her mistake or point out her mistake. Better to keep a standard personality is more that enough to attract a girl.

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