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Top 10 Expensive Watches in the World

There are some classical watches that tell you the time while there are some others that tell your worth to the world. Worlds Most expensive watches that are innovatively designed and astonishingly featured; some are expensive watches adorned


Top 10 Biggest Cyclones in the World

According to the meteorology, cyclones are deadly storm with an area of closed, circular fluid motion rotating as the same direction of earth. These cyclones are usually characterized by inward spiraling winds that rotate counter-clockwise in the Northern

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Top 10 Symptoms of Gastric Acidity

We eat so that we can live. But it would be excruciating for us when gastric acidity arise with different superfluous factors and exhibits with numerous symptoms including mal-digestion, gastric disorder and severe physical anomalies. Gastric acidity is

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Top 10 Assassins In The World

The name assassin was consequent from the Arabic word ‘Hashishin’ or the user of Hashish originally derogatory and wrought for the advertising during the middle ages. The notation of assassin was cited in European origin, writing of Marco Polo


Top 10 monuments in the world

A city or town or country has been civilized over times and adopt their cultures and traditions from generation to generation. Monuments are the insignia of an epoch, a culture, a belief even a country or a city. Monuments are not a matter of only an icon but possess the antiquity of the past convention […]