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Top 10 High Budget Flop Movies

A movie is a matter of entertainment as people go to watch it at their leisure time with friends and family and the movie got hit when people enjoy it and move frequent time for it. From the profitable point, not all movie make rake in millions. Flop movies are stated as failure when the […]

top 10, weight-Loss

Top 10 weight loss tips

Overweight or obesity is a burden for personal as well as social life as it deals with some diseases condition i.e. diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease which put a risk to life. Weight loss is recognized with some changes in lifestyle and adjusting the calorie need with expenditure more

top 10 universities

Top 10 Universities in The world.

School, then college, then comes the sweetest part of the Education University! When we talk about Universities the first thing that comes to mind is Sweet girls, money, Fame & for some people Education! Jokes apart- today we are going to introduce to you with the worlds top ten Universities.