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serial killers

Top 10 Female serial killers in The World

Whenever we think of a woman we think of our Mom, Wife, Sisters, and Girlfriends etc. But some of them are twisted and evil, even serial killers! Based on some of their stories many novels were written & movies were made. I am introducing


Top 10 Expensive Diamonds in The World

From a long time, most expensive diamonds become one of the most popular collection of elite class people and the king. Diamond is one of the most valuable products. It is possible if you find a big and rare diamond in the backyard of your house


Top 10 Rules to Save Kidney

Kidney is the most important part in our body. It is also needy element of our body like others. If any effect is noticed in kidney many problem can be seen in our body. So to save kidney we can follow many rules. Here is a list of ten reasons which can be followed to […]

Top 10 tallest women in the world

This article may be interesting for you and after taking a look at the pictures don’t go through in assumptions that tallest women are aliens. They are just like us but the only difference is that they are too big to compare. It is true that there are some benefits to be taller in our […]

Top 10 Youngest Academy Award winners

It is also known as “Oscar”; on the other hand it is an annual American award ceremony. It was first televised in 1953 and now it is being seen more than 200 countries. Last academy award (86th Academy awards) was held at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on March 2, 2014. Now