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Top 10 most expensive painting in the world

Painting is really mysterious to me, especially the best painter’s paint which is really difficult to understand the meaning of it. Just like a picture of Mona Lisa, people express their opinion about this picture differently as per their condition. According to this bestselling list. some paints

Top 10 magics in the world

Magic is really enchanted us.  It is one of the bravado which is embroidered with our eyes.  But it is more interesting, amazing and admirable. It is not easy to present a magic without practice, knowledge and tricks. It is seen that most of the magician are scientist. We can also treat some scientist (Einstein, […]

dangerous fish

Top 10 Dangerous fish in the World

There are lots of fish in the world. They have different color, different size as well as behavior. Some of the fishes are so dangerous, but all are not. Here is a list about dangerous fish which are really dangerous fish. They are able to kill not only other specious even human also. Let’s see […]

poisonous snakes, black mamba

Top 10 Most Poisonous Snakes in the World

Snakes are one of the most dangerous species in wild world. All are not poisonous but some of the poisonous snakes are so beautiful to look at. They have the most amazing skin, shiny, glossy striking and alluring Poisonous snakes fear as much as we fear

smartphone battery life, top 10

Top 10 Tips For Smartphone Battery Life

Here is a list of top 10 tips which is about smart phone battery life. Ten tips of how to keep charge in your smart phone. Hope this tips can help you to keep your smartphone battery life. Smart phones are look like a computer. Even sometimes we get more

dangerous roads, jalalabad road

Top 10 Dangerous Roads in The World

There is a list which is shown below most dangerous roads in the world, which occurred lots of accident and killed many human. These dangerous roads are the death path of the human life. Everybody knows these roads have many scary and frightened turn.

Top 10 wonderful gift of nature

Nature is all time attractive and unprecedented.  There are huge wonderful place in the world. We know few about them and maximum are still unknown. Today we will describe about 10 place of the world which exists in the world.