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top 10 fastest planes in the world

The world is getting hot. Ask me why? I think just because of the war. To win these wars everyone need modern technology and finest war equipment. Jet fighter or fighter plane is the most effective equipment for this kind of war. So I will let you know the most powerful and destructive as well […]


10. THE RING (2002) A mysterious videotape contains some disturbing images. After watching this video the viewer receives a phone call.  A girl voice says he or she will die in 7 days cause of watching this video.This is the 10th horror movie of our top 10 horror movies list. This is only my opinion. […]

Top10 kung fu movies

10. IP MAN 2 (2010) This is sequel of IP MAN. This is about when ip man migrated to Hong Kong after the war, where he wants to spread his Wing Chun martial arts. Director: Wilson Yip.

Top10 Romantic Movies

 10. LOVE ACTUALLY (2003) This movie describes 8 different couples long live life in various ways. This is 10th movie of our top 10 romantic movies list. Director: Richard Curtis. Cast: Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Collin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson.

Top10 deadliest animals in the world

10. Australian Box jelly fish. The Australian Box jelly fish is one of the most poisonous marine animals. They are able to kill a human. This fish is found in Australian northern oceans and throughout the tropical indo-pacific. It has over 60 tentacles. Their tiny needle loaded with toxin. They throw those toxins it’s pray […]

LAPTOPS IN 2013 (top 10)

TOP 10 BEST LAPTOPS TO BUY IN 2013 This year different kind of strategy are taken for attracting the consumer . Some of company provide their product with a cheap cost for retaining the competition and some of them focus on the high technical quality and creativity .  This year(2013) more than 20 laptops are […]

Top10 Richest Player In The World

10. Flaoyd Maywheather Flaoyd Maywheather is the no 10 on the list of top10 richest player. He is one of the finest boxers of the world. He is an American boxer and 35 years old. He has a long list of achievements. He has won back to back contest and proved himself to be the […]

Cancer (Top 10)

Top 10 dangerous cancer All cancers are danger and treat as a threat on life . How way It’ll be healed that actually depend on it’s stage .Two things are  the common cause of all kind of cancer and they are  obviously smoking cigaret  and drinking alcohol .From among them ten important cancers risk factor,symptom,diagnostic […]


2013’s mobile market was really remarkable for the appraiser . Consumer have got multifunctional mobile with a differentiate facility and as well as with a cheap cost .All smart mobile provided  a facility just like carrying a high capable  mini computer in pocket . So I will describe you the best mobile phone of 2013.